Behind the Seeds


Has anyone done Behind the Seeds at the Land pavillion? I am thinking about doing this on my upcoming trip.



I haven’t been but I’ve heard good things. Allearsnet has some pretty good reviews on it. You have to like gardening or be have an interest in the plants they grow in the land. When I called Disney last night I asked about this tour. It’s a 1 hour walking tour with cameras allowed. I’ve heard of people getting some quick growing seeds (depending on the time of year you go) and some got to release ladybugs. So that’s pretty cool. I’m planning on adding this one to my ‘to do’ list this August.



I did it back in college when my best friend was in the UF Horticulture department & I really liked it! It was REALLY interesting to me to learn about all the hydroponics & alternate ways to produce food. I DO remember there were some lull parts but overall, I remember it being an interesting & educational experiences.


We did it in January '06. We had 3 small kids at the time and they all had a great time. They were able to see the plants up close and they were each allowed to open a container of Lady Bugs. While we did have a great time, it is something that we have done and will most likely not do again. I know that sounds strange, but Epcot is our favorite park and there are still so many things we have not done so it would be a while before we do this again.


We did it this past August and really enjoyed it. We were the only ones on the tour so we felt like VIP’s. My guys are older but they enjoyed releasing the ladybugs and feeding the fish (there’s still a 4 year old spirit in both of them). And seeing how the plants are grown makes you want to run home and put in hydroponic gardens.

I know I have some pictures I can post tomorrow for you if you like (don’t have my flash drive with me).


DH & I did this tour in September 2006 with my then 6 year old son and my parents. We really enjoyed it!! DS got to release the lady bugs and feed the fish. My parents enjoy gardening so it was very interesting to them as well.


We did it last September and really enjoyed it


We loved it!

It was really interesting and best of all - it only took about an hour. We got to release ladybugs into the greenhouses, learned lots of interesting stuff about the plants (the tomato tree for instance) and got to feed the alligators. It’s also reasonably priced with lots of discounts. If you’re interested in gardening at all, I’d highly recommend it.


My aunt did the tour a couple years ago when she came on vacation with us and it was one of the few things she enjoyed about Disney World. She said it was really interesting.


Wow. This tour sounds like a must do. Thanks everybody for the input. I’m a huge plant lover, and I love the living with the land ride so I think I will really enjoy this.