Being in the Disney parade ? Anyone?


I know I read it somewhere in a post about being in one of the parades …being picked . Has anyone been picked out to be in one before …can you tell me what they look for ? I would love to have my family picked out to have a special memory …I know everyone would love this . Any ideas ? I think I read about a family in matching t-shirts ?? :wub:


It’s really random. I think you have a better shot in a larger group with the matching shirts or even the matching owfits. It draws attention. I have been there tons of times and have never been picked, so I wish you luck.:heart:


What parade(s) do they do this for? I know they used to do it for the Parade of the Stars in DL, but I didn’t know they did it in WDW.


The parade you are most likely to be picked for is Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade at DAK. Just about every float has guests on it. But I don’t know how they pick those people.
I know at MK they pick the Grand Marshall for the Share a dream parade at the front gates at park open. And anyone who has been to the MK at Park open knows just how crowded it is in the little area. And for a while they were doing the Grand Marshall as Princess for the day, and would pick some little girl dressed as Cinderella, but I haven’t seen that in a while.

And of course the easiest way is to be on the winning World Series or Super Bowl team :laugh: