Belated Birthday Tigger TR


We were planning on going last weekend on my Birthday but schedule would not allow…so we went this weekend…I hope you enjoy my TR.?
Took off from work early on Friday and drove up to WDW with my DW and parents (first time to WDW they had been in 72 when it was just MK). We arrived at All Star Music at 5:00 and checked in. Ok we didn’t really check-in. The line at check-in was super long and not moving…but because we had a guaranteed room with late arrival we could checked our bags and head out to DtD.

We ate at Wolfegan Pucks. The wait was about 15 to 20 minutes but the appetizer counter was open and had four seats. Perfect! Ordered salads and pizza’s and talked to the chef who gave us a sample of candied walnuts. He was fun to talk with and watch.

After dinner we walked around DtD east end waiting for our show time for Narnia. By the way Narnia is fantastic! I will definitely be getting this on DVD and I hope that Disney continues with the series and does something with it in the parks.

Got back to the ASmu around 10:30 got our room keys and retired for the night.

Saturday is EPCOT day. I choose EPCOT because I thought it would be most interesting to my parents and be a good way to introduce them to Disney (and prepare them for the trip with the grandkids in 2006).
Got to the parks around 9:30 (me and DW picke up our AP’s yippy!! The big question now is will I go back next weekend when DW is out west). We started off by looking up our faces on Leave a Legacy. Took a picture of my mom’s finger pointing at the flash coming off the metal.

First ride SSE. This was going to be a big test for my parents. If they enjoyed themselves on this I knew the rest of the day would be easy (I really didn’t know if they would like Disney or not…it always seem to me that Disney type fun wasn’t their type of fun). Well my dad got off and said “I’d really like to ride that again.” me “right now?” him “no but maybe later that was really neat” phew good. The jury was still out with my mom.
Next we went and picked up FP for Soarin’ and then off to ride Living with the Land. Not as impressive as SSE but still enjoyable for them…still not sure about mom.

We decided to go grab lunch over at Norway. On our way it was walk-on to Honey I Shrunk the Audience so I said let go. My parents had no idea what they were getting into which made it even better. The big surprise was that my mom thought it was a riot…she really enjoyed it and is still joking about all the “mice” running up her leg. My dad was called my brother on the walk over to Norway to tell him about it (I tried to reach Wish but got a number busy…I did get ahold of Lawwin but she was heading out of the park).

So we had counter service at Norway. My parents really liked the Stave church, the exhibits, and shops. After lunch we rode Maelstrom which they both enjoyed (as well they should…it is my favorite ride at EPCOT). So what is the one thing Norwegians have going for them? – Good neighbors (I never get tired of that joke…sorry).

After Norway we went to Mexico and road the river and did some other shopping type stuff as we headed back to Soarn’
We still had a few minutes before our FP came active so we went over to Living Seas to look at the fish (my parents really like to fish so it was a hit).

Ok I don’t consider Soarn’ a “thrill ride” but it kind of is and it is the first “thrill ride” my parents have ever been on. My mom actually saw it on a TV commercial and said that it looked neat and she would like to go on it if she went to EPCOT…well there she was, in the chair getting strapped in row A1 (by the way the best place to ride it is row B1 but any 1 is great). Both my parents loved it! They raved about it. I have to say this is a great ride…LOVED IT…but in no way does it replace Maelstrom in my heart.
Well went thru most of the World Showcase ate at Restaurant Marrakesh (I don’t know what I like better the food or the entertainment :laugh: ). Then we got in line for the Candle Light Processional and hung around for IlumiNations.

Today we got up and went to the GF for breakfast then over to WL to check out the Christmas decorations and do a little shopping at the Merc.

Anyway we had a real great time and I was so glad that my parent had fun too.

Sorry I just ran out of gas…and I have no cool pictures like Erin.


It sounds like Epcot was a hit with everyone! What a great day!


Good for you… I am glad your DPs liked Epcot. No pics :crying:


Yay, Tigger!! I was just HOPING SO MUCH that I would run into you on the Epcot monorail, but it didn’t happen…

I am so glad you had fun, and I really enjoy your TR! I can’t wait for MANY more where that came from now that you have your :wub: AP! :wub:


Hey Tigger! I am glad you had such a good time at Epcot.
I was there yesterday as well! I may have seen you and not even known it. :mickey:


There were so many DC’ers there this weekend…I am so sad I didn’t meet up with anyone.

I will post a little more about our trip later this week…maybe even a picture.


I can’t wait for the picture :heart:


What follows are rare never before seen pictures of Tigger and his family…


Tigger and his Troll friend…


Tigger and the most lovely Mrs Tigger…before they devour a chicken and lamb…


Tigger, the lovely Mrs Tigger, father and some guys that jumped in the picture…


Tigger trying to fit in…


Things I learned on this trip… 1) Make sure that you stay in the same room on short trips. We had to switch resorts and getting the keys changed and all took up time…which is short on a short trip. 2) Don’t gwak at the belly dancer in front of your mom (or DW for that matter I thought my dad would know that by now). 3) Don’t get stuck carring the water bag. Water is heavy. 4) Take advantage of any walk online you see. 5) Do like my mom and bring your own soap and shampoo. This way you get more mickey soaps to bring home. 6) Wear comfortable shoes. and 7) you really can’t do everything when you are slowed down by 3 other people.


Hey those guys were jumping in lots of people’s photos on our trip. Crazy tourists. :wink:


Sounds like a perfect disney day. Loved your report and the pcitures. I have never seen what you look like before that I remember. You are a handsome guy. :heart:


Thanks Dana!

My parents stopped by and they are still talking about the trip…they even told their neighbors what a good time they had.


We were able to avoid them most of the time but every now and then BAM! right in the picture.



Tigger, you are the original DC Hottie.


has crush on Tigger

(don’t tell anyone!)


blush :wub:


So my mom has decided to have thier 50th wedding annaversy at WDW! They are have a timeshare thru a company that works with Disney so they are going to use that to get a something at DVC.