Bella and The Dave's Disney Store Trip Report


Okay, so it’s not THAT exciting…but the Dave and I went to Charlotte today to buy our Disney Dollars! For those of you who haven’t listened to be badger on day after day for the last six months here’s a little backstory—we had these stupid rebate gift cards from Cingular worth $200 and we had no idea what to do with them or where to use them so we decided to use them on our trip…the catch…they expire Feb 1st…our trip…Feb 3rd…So Brilliant Bella decided to hike to the nearest Disney Store and buy $200 worth of Disney Dollars…and that’s exactly what we did.
And now we have 20 $10 Disney Dollars…they are so cute!! I wish I would have gotten a single to keep!
Anyways…I still have a few questions that maybe you wise Disney Peeps can answer…
-What happens if I only spend $3.00 on something and all I have is a $10.00 DisneyDollar bill?
-Can you use these ANYWHERE within the parks (i.e. restaurants, snack carts, stores etc.)

Ok. That’s it.
My opinion of the Disney Store itself was less than impressed…it was very big…but the staff was less than friendly and all they had was kids clothes!
But…ok…I’ll give them that…there are not MANY of us adult Disney freaks.


but even if there are not MANY of us adule Disney freaks there are a few! We deserve Disney clothing too!!!

as for Disney Dollars I’ve only every used them for merchendise so I don’t know where you can use them…there must be a website somewhere that says that.


Yea, Bella! I am so glad you finally got your Disney Dollars. Nathan uses Disney Dollars every trip and we have yet to find a place that doesn’t take them. You will get cash back when ever you use them. I am pretty sure you can even go to City Hall and turn in any you don’t use during your trip, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem! :wink:


No problem at all teach!
Thanks, I was worried I was only going to be able to buy merchandise with them…not that that’s a problem…but…we sort of need to eat on this trip…hehe


Thanks teach - thats great to know!
I should get some too, just for fun! hee hee
Can you use them in DTD too do you know? Or just parks…


Now that I think about it I “think” Nate tried to use them at the LEGO store and they didn’t take them. Sorry about that–Every Disney owned place should take them.


I did some digging in Old Thread and found a post by Mickey (so you know it has to be true) saying that any Disney owned store, restaurant and anything else will take them…
my guess is some stores at dtd wouldn’t (like Virgin, House of Blues Etc…) but that’s okay since I plan to do the majority of my shopping at WOD!


Isn’t that because The Children’s Place took over the Disney Stores?
I’ve noticed they are not as friendly either and they USED to have adult sizes there!

Good thinking Bella!


Disney knows that there are people like us who will keep some… They are making some serious bank on us! :pinch: :mickey:


Bella… If you still want a single Disney Dollar, you can go to any Guest Relations station on property and they should have some for you to trade… 10 of their singles for one of your 10’s…HA! You can also just buy them, so just ask your cashier whenever you purchase something. They often have them in their registers. They’re cool this year cause they are all decorated up for the 50th Celebration…