Bella's One Day Trip Report to


Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort…

OK…so I know it’s not exactly Disney World or anything…but…after spending an entire weekend driving around looking at apartment after apartment (we did find one by the way…more on that later) we decided we needed a break from driving around so we went to lunch at my favorite place, and also where i used to work in high school, Giuseppi’s!
(Sidebar: If you EVER go to DHHIR, GO to Giuseppi’s, it is the best pizza/italian place…ever…end of story…)
After lunch we decided to walk the short walk down to Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort…mostly, to get out of the car…but a little bit because i needed a disney fix like nothing else…I had been here a few times before, mostly just babysitting out of towners and stuff, so I had never really looked around…and I most defineatly had NOT been here since I began my Disney Obsession a few years ago…
It is very seculded on it’s own little island (sort of)

They have a nice little busstop that look similiar to the bus stops at the park only they were completly empty and the buses (or more like, very large mini van) runs only by request back and forth to the beach…which is about a mile away.

The first thing we saw!

I was glad to see the 50th banners up!

had to take a picture of this!

Dave and I out by the dock…we tried to get the water and the condos in this shot, but ended up getting both

They have lots of hamcocks all over the place!

The pool…it was SOOOOOO hot we were tempted to jump right in

the slide was pretty awesome…(sorry it’s sideways)

and a pretty tree!


Oh! I love the pictures!! I always wondered if it was “disneyfied” up there!!

I bet it was a nice fix to hold you over for a few months :c)


Great pictures, Bella. The resort looks so beautiful–I love the little Disney touches. You and Dave look like you were having fun.


Whoa… I have never heard about this place! Looks wonderful!


Very nice pictures!! If I ever find myself with some free time,I’ll hop on down A-1-A to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort and take some pictures.


thanks for sharing the pics Bella!! I’ve always wondered what it looked like over there. Now…tell us about this apartment!!!


Those are nice pictures Bella! I hope to visit HH someday!


Thanks Bella! We are going there over spring break 2007!!! We are SO looking forward to it!!! Can you walk to the beach?


Thanks for the pictures! That place is beautiful! :heart:


you can if you like to walk…a lot…
it’s about a mile away, but they do have the “mini” bus that runs back and forth, and you get a beach access parking pass when you stay there…there is a bike path that you can take there too…but again, it’s a little hike.


I hadn’t had a desire to go there, but now that I’ve seen some pics, I’m interested.


Looks like a great place. Thanks for sharing your pictured. You and The Dave are a great looking couple!


Wow, thanks Bella! It looks so cozy and quaint! I would love to see it in person, I’ve never heard much about it but those picture are great!!! Thanks for sharing! Did you see any of the restaurants at the resort? What was the inside of the lobby like?


It’s so pretty there!!! :heart: You and Dave are so darn cute!!!


Very nice Bella, thanks for sharing.


Thanks Bella, and great pictures!


The lobby is really cute!
They have some pool tables and TV’s in there in stuff…and it’s very cute, sort of a rustic southern cabin lodge type place (not like WL, a little more…country)
I think they may have a restaurant inside, but i am not sure why they would bc they have some of the BEST resturants on the island within walking distance (it’s located in a part of the island called Shelter Cove Harbour which is filled with yummy resturants and shops and a life size neptune…they also have Harbourfest every Tues in the summer with fireworks, local vendors and like entertainment and all the stuff…spent lots of time there as a kid/teenager…lots of fun)


Do you know what their rates are like?


Say what? :huh:


Neptune is the Greek god of the sea. Apparantly the island has a human-sized statute of this mythological person.

Are you caught up now, or are pictures required? :tongue: