Best ADR time to make it to Fantasmic!?


I am considering the Fantasmic! Dinner Package, but I was wondering when the best time to make my ADR would be. I would like to go to Fantasmic! directly after dinner, but I don’t want to be late either.

I am also contemplating skipping the Fantasmic! Dinner Package and eating at 50’s Prime Time Cafe instead. I have wanted to experience this restaurant for a long time.

Do you think a 6:10pm ADR at 50’s Prime Time Cafe will give us enough time to see Fantasmic!? We want to go to DHS on Tues., Sept. 23. I know this is value season, but with FD, do you think we could get shut out of Fantasmic! without the dinner package?

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From my past experience, they only allow Fantasmic Dinner Pkgs between a certain time frame. They’re usually pretty early. When I booked Mama Melrose last year, they tried to give me 4:00 for dinner. We went at a busy time so it was worth it to have the pkge and not have to wait in line to get in. If you’re not going at a busy time - I would go with no pkge and 50’s Prime Time. I wouldn’t book the ADR any later than 6:00 though since the show starts at 8:30.


Exactly. They don’t give you much of a choice for times and it’s always early. Sometimes TOO early, like 3 to 4pm. The best plan is to take whatever time they give you then call back 2 weeks out and try to re-book at a later time.


Thanks! I am taking your advice and going to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe since I would prefer the new experience over any of the restaurants on the FDP. (I’ve eaten at HBD in the past, am not a big fan of Italian which rules out MM, and H&V doesn’t sound as fun as 50’s PTC.)

I had booked 50’s PTC back during my 180 + 10 window for 6:10pm, but I was able to call back this morning and switch it to 5:40pm.

Hopefully we will be able to make it to Fantasmic! with this new plan.

Thanks to everybody for the help on this one!


I would say around 4 ish so you make sure you have enough time to do everything