Best airport for DL?


What is the best airport to fly into if going to Disneyland?

Thinking about the new buy 3, get 2 free promotion.



Well, a lot of people sware by the John Wayne airport (SNA) but I’ve NEVER seen airfare from where I live to John Wayne that was equal in price or cheaper than LAX. It’s just too expensive for me to fly into John Wayne. We’ve used LAX every time & have never had a problem. It’s fast, efficient, & the blue Super Shuttle runs straight from LAX to all of the DL resort hotels. Depending on traffic, the shuttle will get you there in as little as 30-35 minutes. Disneyland also runs a bus (kinda the same concept as ‘Magical Express’) but it runs less frequently than the SuperShuttle. I don’t know if you have to pay for the Disney bus or not.


Thanks, Jess.

I just looked into it, and it’s about $50 a ticket cheaper into LAX. When you’re booking for 5, that adds up. Thanks for the info.


[QUOTE=b1wife;947758]Thanks, Jess.

I just looked into it, and it’s about $50 a ticket cheaper into LAX. When you’re booking for 5, that adds up. Thanks for the info.[/QUOTE]

No problem. I don’t know where to find the most recent rates on the official ‘Disneyland bus’ but I think SuperShuttle is great! They even pick you up right at the door of your resort when it’s time to depart. Last time we booked a ‘round trip’ fare & they were offering a good discount if you paid ahead of time. Last year Daniel and I even had a driver who offered to stop at Wal-Mart for us just in case we wanted anything for the plane ride home. He was cool, and I guess he still had a little time before our 2nd pick up. We filled up on magazines & candy in Wal-Mart. :tongue:


John Wayne is great!! We usally fly into there, but we have frequent flyer miles so we are probably going to fly into LAX.

We are trying to take advantage of the 5 for 3 offer too. We are trying for june 8-13. It’s a great offer We have it on hold, just have to make sure we can really do this.

Hope you get to go!!!


If you got the scratch, fly into John Wayne. I live like 5 miles from SNA and have had an easy time getting in and out of there. I have heard that Long Beach Airport is pretty decent and Jet Blue has a hub there. But overall, LAX is the necessary evil. Cheap to fly into, pain in the you know what to get in and out of.


That’s funny, I fly into LAX every single time and I always found it fast & easy. Never had a problem there.


If JetBlue flies from your departure city, Long Beach is a great airport. It’s very close to Disneyland and is an old-school, small, relaxed, and very convenient airport.


John Wayne Airport is closer to DLR but LAX may have cheaper rates from airliners, but then you would have to pay for a taxi/rent a car or get resort transit from LAX to DLR (unless its included in your vacation package) so it usually seems to even out either way, IMO.