Best Alcoholic beverage?


With all the talks of restaurants and what food is the best where, I was wondering what the best alcoholic drink was.
I actually never take the time out to have a good drink and even if I do it’s just a Beer.
Are there any specialties out there? With so many bars there has to be something. I think the closest I have come is getting the banana drink from rainforest cafe. Its a good mix of Banana Liquer, yogurt, and some other stuff, but it seems like something I can get at TGIFridays. I wanna say it’s called a Banana Cream Sandwhich, but that doesn’t sound right…
I wanna know about something I can only find at WDW, like the PB&J Shake at 50’s Primetime, help me out guys, someone has to have had a great experience.
For all the non drinkers out there, nonalcholic smoothies and such are fine to put down too. Cause to be honest the PB&J shake beats out virtually any alcoholic beverage I’ve had in a long time!


ok alot of people like the Lapu Lapu at the Poly me I like a drink at the Adventurers Club in PI its a frozen hot chocolate ( you have to ask for it ) because its not on a menu and i got this drink from one of my CM buddies in Orlano and if you love chocolate like I do its so yummy


I prefer a good old fashioned bottle (no glass it comes in one) of Coor Light at the end of my WDW day. If I’m feeling risky…lol I’ll go for the white zifandel…whoa rebel that I am…lol

Cheryl -
good to see you! The chocolate one sounds yummy :mickey:


These are my favorites:
Poly - Island Sunset
WL - All you can drink milk shakes at Wispering Canyon
in the WL lounge - Mountain Martini, Nutty Irishman Coffee
PO Riverside (at the pool bar) Mississippi Mud Slide, Southern Belle, Gator tail actually any of the southern cocktails are good
DTD - Ghirdelli -Any thing chocolate
Boardwalk - Try a specialty beer from the Brewery (not sure of the real name)

Can you tell we drink our way around the world! Believe it or not, WDW is the only place I drink a cocktail. I always know there is someone to drive me home.


My vacation must haves:
Mexico: Margarita
France: Merlot
Germany: Beer
AKL at Boma: Any South African Wine
WL: Pool bar has great fruitty drinks of the day that come in souvenier cups


Guinness, Guinness, Guinness, and um…oh yeah, Guinness! :biggrin:


Having completed Beers of the World (once), I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a cold beer is refreshing.

I really like the microbrewery at Boardwalk as well…

As for other drinks, I’m not much for fruity drinks or liquers. I am a Scotch drinker, so anywhere that’s got a decent single malt is appreciated.

As for lounges, I’ve also found that many of the on-property lounges are special in their own right. My personal fav (for why, I have no idea) is Davy Crockett’s at Fort Wilderness - although for some reason, they usually run basketball games on TV when there’s a perfectly good hockey game or two at the same time…


When I drink (alcohol), I often enjoy a glass of wine. However, on my last trip to WDW in May, I was in the Lobby Lounge at the Dolphin and my friends encouraged me to try a “real” drink. Well, I had a Lemon Chiffon martini (never had any kind of martini before then) and it was heavenly. In fact, I plan to make a trip to the lounge while I’m at Disney next week. Anticipation! :slight_smile:


Did someone say Guinness???

Now your talking.


My most loved drinks at WDW also!!! I can’t wait 2 more weeks!!!


honeypot, what is an Island Sunset?? Sounds yummy!!!


For mixed drinks I like the Pina Colada at the Poly, but my absolute favorite drink is a nice, cold Bud Light. Plain and simple. :biggrin:



Island Sunset - spiced rum, Malibu, melon liqueur and peach schnapps combined with guava passion fruit juice

Very good!!!


There is without doubt no finer libation than a long tall glass of ice cold water at the end of a long hot day in the parks. Alcohol? Who needs it?? :smile:


Um. Me. :pirate: :laugh:





I prefer a good old fashioned bottle (no glass it comes in one) of Coor Light at the end of my WDW day.

A girl after my own heart Dana!!

My exotic drink would be the melon colada at the Polynesian. YUM!! It goes down so easy. YUM



Rum Runners at Capt Jack’s in DTD! ! ! ! ! My DW and DD have figured out how to maximize there shopping pleasure, one Rum Runner and I become putty in their hands.



What’s a type A personality? :confused: