Best Breakfast Buffet


where is the best breakfast buffet. . . and why?


I think they are all very similar. But, my favorites are Norway’s Akershus Princess Breakfast and Crystal Palace. Norway because of the atmosphere and there seems to be less confusion in the restaurant. The princesses are so good about visiting every single table. The picture that comes with the package can be priceless. Crystal Palace has a great variety of items to choose from. It is a little loud, but adds to the party atmospher with Pooh and his gang.


I can’t compare them all because we’ve only been to AK Boma buffet, but that’s my favorite! We love the jungle juice, plus we love the food!


love the jungle juice too! wish you could purchase it somewhere other than Disney.


I second Boma. But, I do have to disclose we usually only go out to breakfast once a trip (all other times eat in room), so when we have a choice, Boma is always picked.


1900 Park Fare. Food was great, Character interaction was plentiful and it was a special b’day b’fast on a trip that’s been one of our most memorable to date.


Boma for the food. Crystal Palace for the characters. :happy:


one word…OHANA !!!


In our favorite order…all had good food and choices

  1. Cape May Cafe - not crowded or noisy like CP or Chef Mickey’s and characters spend quality time.
  2. 1900 Park Fare - there can be a long wait for characters to come around
  3. Chef Mickey’s - characters come around often but still could be a long wait to see all
  4. Crystal Palace - the restaurant is so pretty with all the windows and view of the castle.
  5. Donald’s Safari Breakfast (formerly Donald’s Breakfastosaurus) - use to be our absolute fave when it was the breakfastosaurus. They do get the little ones involved in dancing and singing. The nice thing too is if you get your adr early enough, you can get at the rope drop for the safari. My DS got in trouble for goofing around putting his leg over the rope. We laugh about that often.

Have fun choosing:)


thank you! Boys are 12 and 15 and DD is 8. she has done a TON of character meals so we are more interested in food rather than characters this trip.

Sounds like Boma is a good choice!


Norway is ours. We love the change in food from the other locations.


We are trying Captain’s Grill at YC for the first time. They have a buffet or you can order.

What about Whispering Canyon, they serve family style.


Boma is #1 because of the food (and the juice) and Crystal Palace is 1 1/2! Either of these options and you will be pleased. DW and I went to 1900PF and DW really liked it but I was not much of a fan. Food didn’t compare to the other two that I mentioned and the characters skipped right over some of the tables. People were complaining and getting upset, the characters were trying to go back or just take pictures with whoever walked up to them, and things were not impressive at all after that. :crying:


Somewhere I saw the recipe for this juice. I will try and find it for you.


Ok, I found it on allearsnet: Frunch

p.s. Jungle juice is made with Everclear - I am sure that’s not what you meant :laugh:


Check the pricing - Chef Mickeys this last trip cost me $106 for 3 (2 adults, DD is 11 and one child) for BREAKFAST! The buffets cost a lot of $$ these days.

Per Wishy’s recommendation, we tried Olivia’s for breakfast during our November trip - not a buffet, but the food was deelish, and the service awesome! :happy:


We enjoy Akershaus because we LOVE the potato casserole, we like that it’s a family-style meal and with two girls who will never grow up, the princesses are fun (and DS enjoys the attention from the princesses whether he will admit it or not). We also really like Cape May Cafe for breakfast. We like the food and the service, and the character interaction is the best we have ever had at any meal. :happy:


For breakfast we have eaten at Chef Mickeys, Akershus, and Crystal Palace. All were good but Akershus was by far my favorite. The food is a nice change of pace from the other buffets and the princesses were wonderful.


Gotta be Chef Mickeys or Crystal Palace for sure!


Our top picks are Askerhus, Cape May Cafe and Donald’s Safari Breakfast. All had delicious food and a great atmosphere.