Best building at ASM and ASMu


Does anyone know which are the best buildings to stay at in the All Stars Movies or the All Stars Music? Which is closest to the food court? Do the All Stars resorts share a bussing? We normally stay at POFQ but were thinking of a quickie trip… so I am not too familiar with these resorts. Thanks everyone!


the best building is pop century! lol seriously though as far as music calypso is the closest to the food court. i don’t know about movies though. they do share a bus and it can be a pain during busy times. when we stayed there we used the bus once and then drove the rest of the time.


Toy Story is the best at the Movies


We stayed at Movies last Oct. and request and got a pool side first floor room in the Fantasia building Number 8 and we loved the location well worth the extra to get a preferred room. noise level was ok also for us.


The All Stars are most likely to each have their own MK bus and share the rest between the three.


We stayed at ASMusic and didnt have any problems. I can not speak to the bussing there though, we drove everywhere.


Jazz at ASMu is only a few steps more than Calypso w/o paying the addtl fee. Depending on which side your room is on it’s really not even enough to make a difference. Years ago when we stayed there the bus route started at Sports, went to Music then Movies. Music may sometimes be hit-or-miss but Movies was always SRO if any room left at all.


Probably the farthest from the food court but we think the best building is the Mighty Ducks building ASM because it was right at the quiet and we usually had it to ourselfs and quite close to the ASSports food court.


Dalmation…for All Star Movies
It’s right by the main entrance,food court,pool. We always get rooms there, and at night it’s no more than a five minute walk right off the bus to your room. The buses are shared by all three resorts. Movies are the last of the group.


I agree with nubeanie, of the values, the best building is Pop Century. :tongue: Although, when we used to stay at ASM & ASMu we’d always choose the Fastasia & Calypso buildings. I loved being close to everything.


We were in the fantasia building too and it was nice being close to everything.

But everyone is right, POP Is best!!


Thanks for the advice we are going to POP in May, I will have to ask for calypso:happy: