Best Building To Stay @ AS Movies


Since MissSMIG and I have never stayed at the Movies before, which building would be the best to stay at… how close to transportation? how close to the food court?

I thank you for your help.


Hi Dee! I LOVE ASMovies! Its where we first stayed as a family of 4. I have sooooo many memories there. My fav building is Toy Story. Its a standard room but super close to EVERYTHING. You will have such a great time there! How are you getting free dining? Is there a promo code somewhere? I was thinking on the same dates for Madisons 8th bday.


I loved ASMovies as well. I stayed in Herbie the Love Bug and Fantasia and I liked Fantasia the best simply because it was close to the main lobby and the buses.


Either 101 Dalmations or Fantasia. Both are convenient to the buses, pool, and food court.


this was a great question since that is where we will be staying! i hope we get a fantasia room now!