Best Busy Time to Go


Looking for everyone’s input. Want to book first DVC trip, but with teenagers, not able to take them out of school. So, what is your opinion about my three choices:

Week after Christmas, 2009
Spring Break - Week of March 27th to April 3rd, 2010
Summer - Third week in June, 2010

I know all three will be massively crowded, but does one week stand out as better than the others?


If it were me I would choose Spring Break. Not everyone has the same spring break but almost everyone is out in June and Christmas Break. Plus, the weather would be the best.


I agree with mmoore. I’ve heard that the time between Christmas and new years is the busiest season.


I agree, I’d choose March.


Spring Break definately. We’ve done it twice & actually it is very busy but not nearly as bad as when we went this past year the 1st week of November! :ohmy:


Our favorite busy time is the week after Christmas. You can still see all of the decorations and special events. It is very crowded, but if you get into the parks early and use FP efficiently, you can get everything you want to get done.

We have gone several times over Spring Break and have been absolutely miserable. It’s hotter in the spring, and the spring breakers are everywhere. Check to make sure that your spring break doesn’t align with college spring break before you book.

I actually don’t think the third week of June is that busy. It is hot, though. Still, if you get into the parks early and use FP efficiently, you can get everything done. We like to get into MK at rope drop of EMH. We can then get all of the “E-ticket” attractions done by noon. I would guess that of the three busy times you’ve listed, the third week of June will be the least crowded (not to mention least expensive).


I would choose 3rd week of June if it were me. Christmas is just way too crowded for me, and I enjoy my time at home over Spring Break because once it’s over, the rest of our spring is just go, go, go!!


Spring break in March. The weather is also nice (if it’s not raining)


Spring Break if it’s not surrounding Easter weekend.
I do love Christmas at the world. It’s just so wonderful.


[QUOTE=cinderbella;972189]Spring Break if it’s not surrounding Easter weekend.
I do love Christmas at the world. It’s just so wonderful.[/QUOTE]

Yes and Easter is April 4th next year so it will get busier and busiers towards the end of your trip!


I would vote for the spring break time. As said before, not everyone has spring break at the same time. We have been there 2 times in March (end) and havent had a problem with the crowds at all. And as for the heat, it was hotter at our September '08 visit than March '09.


Think spring break would be the best time to go. While it will be crowded it won’t be as bad as June when everyone is out of school. The weather should be really nice as well; its not the rainy season and not as hot as June.


I’d probably vote Spring Break. Crowds may be comparable to summer, but it (hopefully) won’t be quite as hot. I’ve been during the spring when other schools were out, and it was hot but bearable, and the crowds really weren’t that bad.

I really want to do Christmas at the World sometime, but to me I think it would have to be a very specially-planned trip, with a lot of time spent at the resort. I couldn’t handle being out in those kind of crowds all the time, especially during the “worst” week of crowds for the whole year. I couldn’t go at that time as just a normal trip - I think I would be miserable.


I would choose the spring break week. The weather is just perfect then. In my opinion you can handle the crowds better when it’s not hot - or in our case when we went in Nov…freezing!!


I have gone on spring break on several trips over my lifetime and never found it too bad. Like everyone is saying spring break is different everywhere. BUT, we took our dd’s last june for the first time in late June and had a BLAST. It was very hot, it rained every day, but it did not hamper our good time AT ALL!:mickey: We had such a good time last June that we are going back this summer in August!:flowers:

I vote June… But any time in the World is a good time.


I would go during spring break, not all schools will be out that week so it should be less crowded than Christmas break and the weather should be good.


I vote June as well. Christmas is great, If you go the first 2 weeks of Dec. That week is nuts. Spring break could be ok, but is super peak season for your points. Go June.


Spring break time would have the best weather.


If spring break is at Easter, avoid it. The year we went they actually closed MK one day to all guests not staying on site, because it was so crowded. I actually found summer far less crowded than spring break.


I think the Christmas decorations and atmophere outweigh the crowds. I would choose Christmas.

That being said, I have done Spring Break twice and the 4th week of June once and neither was unmanagable. I would skip Easter week and 4th of July week for sure!