Best cabin loop @ Fort Wilderness


I was just wondering if there were any particular loop that is better than any other for transportation. Last time I stayed at FW we drove to all parks except for MK. Does anyone know the order in which the buses stop. For example if we stay in loop 2800 and we go to that bus stop will it then go all through FW before getting back to the outpost bus stop? I love the cabins but the transportation leaves something to be desired.


If you stay in the 2800 loop, you will be either first or last on the way to the Outpost Depot. It looks pretty close, may be easier to just walk it if you find the buses to not be working in your favor.

We have a camper and stay in the 100-200 loop and have no problems with getting the bus from Pioneer Hall.


Hey Johnkimv, I just noticed we will be at FW at the same time! I was thinking the same thing about the 2800 loop. My luck I would ride around the entire resort area to get back to the outpost! I hope someone knows which direction those buses run!


When you check in they will give you a “bus” map that is color coded. I tried to find one online for you yesterday, but I could only find ones without the bus routes. There are 3 bus routes, I believe they are purple, yellow and orange. Purple, I believe, is the fastest way to get from the outpost depot to settlement depot (pioneer hall, marina). Each color bus runs about a 1/3 of the park. It sounds really confusing, but it isn’t- plus there is a big color coded map at each bus stop.

The internal buses seem to run pretty efficiently, but the external buses are always hit and miss no matter which resort you stay at.

Have a great time on your trip- maybe we will run in to you!!:laugh:


I am not familiar with numbers because we haven’t stayed there in years but I ALWAYS remember loving when we got assigned to “Jack Rabbit Run” and “Quail Trail.” I remember having a bus stop right there by the loop and it was in real close walking distance to the big Meadow Trading Post & the recreation areas.


Jack Rabbit Run would be loop 800 which is almost directly in front of the The Meadows Trading Post. This is our favorite loop. It isn’t a far walk if you wanted to walk to the lake as well.


We are staying in a cabin so we have to be in a loop 2100-2800. I think I am going to request loop 2800 in hopes that we can walk to the outpost bus stop! But thanks we may be camping later on in the year!


Did you ever consider loop 100 right on the lake. There are I believe 2 or three cabins in that loop and you are close to the transportation hub. We stayed there our first two trips and only stopped staying in this loop because we now bring our dogs. This would be my first choice for a loop with cabins. Enjoy your trip!!!


There are 2 cabins in the 100 loop. #118 and #120 in the 100 loop are used exclusively by Disney VIPs and other corporate types.


Oh wow I got really excited for a second! It would be great to be in a cabin in loop 100!


You know, it never hurts to ask. I would call FW directly and see if you can request one of those cabins. Tell them that you are a VIP!! :laugh:

That is my FAVORITE Loop of all time.


I’m a VIP to someone (I think!:smile:) I’m going to ask about it and if I get it you can come and visit the VIP cabin!!!:laugh: