Best Character Dinner


Going next week and can’t wait!!! Anyway, what dinner Character Meal would anyone recommend? The kids are 11 and 8.


For an 11 and 8 year old, I think Chef Mickey’s would be best.

Have a great trip !!!


Thanks… Someone told me about Liberty Tree. Any comments?


Liberty Tree is really, really good also. We did it for the first time last trip. The food was great and the character interaction was often.
I would highly recommend it.

If I had to choose Chef Mickey’s or Liberty Tree, it would be tough, but I’d go with Chef Mickey’s if I hadn’t been there before.


I agree Buzz! Although I think I liked how Liberty Tree serves their meal family style instead of buffet, the character interaction at Chef Mickey’s is a little more fun and definately very lively!!


I would vote Liberty Tree NO DOUBT!!! I’ve been to both several times and I find Chef Mickey’s VERY rushed, loud, and I personally think the food leaves ALOT to be desired. With two older children they might be a little “too cool for school” for Chef Mickey’s. Liberty Tree on the other hand has NEVER disappointed me or anyone in my family. It is served family style at your table and the food is SO GOOD! It resembles a “thanksgiving” type menu; mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, great veggies, and UNBELIEVABLE apple butter with biscuits.

The atmosphere is very “homey” and warm, and all the characters come to your table to take pictures and autographs. They stay around for as long as your family needs and I have NEVER felt rushed out of there. My husband and I, even without children, have returned there EVERY vacation!



First of all, welcome to DisneyCentral!

Both meals are fun and the characters are great, really, you can’t go wrong with either one. Chef Mickey’s is a buffet so there’s something for everyone, Liberty Tree Tavern is a family style Thanksgiving type meal. I think the characters are great at both places, we have never felt like we didn’t get enough attention at either place. Mickey isn’t at LTT if that’s a concern for your family.


Thank you all… I am so glad I found this site!!! Any other suggestions for dinners? I have the Dining Plan and want to get the most out of it by using the sit downs for dinners. Any suggestions for the counter service meals?


For counter service we like Pecos Bill’s at MK–the fixin’s bar is great.

Have you seen all the menus here?

What other sit down places have you decided on?


Liberty Tree is good! I give the service and food two thumbs up! I also recommend the Eletric Umbrella! I love the food and the service. Eccept for the one time someone asked me to move. I was fifteen years old and I was holding a table for my parents.
I thought it was rude. My parents said I should’ve spoke out or spoke up when this happened. These two ladies said that some other costmers needed somewhere to sit. So I ended up moving somewhere else. And when my parents came back they asked me why I had moved. I told them about the other ladies. And that there was other tables for the costmers to sit at. Instead they asked if I could sit somewhere else. I think it was either I’m white or Asian American! How rude!
I hope Disney gets a load of this happening


Some of our favorite sit down restaurants are 'Ohana, Le Cellier, Chef Mickey’s, and 50’s PrimeTime.

We also love Earl of Sandwich for a great counter service meal–best sandwich EVER!


I’d also agree, Chef mickey!! Crystal Palace had good foor, but i stoo big, making a long wait for the characters to make it to your table.
Also, since you’re going next week, I hope you’ve already made your ADR’s or else our suggestions may not matter!
Also, for counter, I really like Pizza Planet. The pizza & salad are more than enough for one. Also Cosmic Ray’s’ ! & Liberty Inn or whatever it’s called at the American showcase at Epcot.


We had a great experience at The Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot. Most of the seating is large booths so the interaction with the characters is a little more personal. The food was good and the atmosphere is great.


If you get to Downtown Disney give Earl of Sandwich a try.

At Animal Kingdom, The Flame Tree BBQ is a nice, different counter meal to try.


Murph, we like 1900 Park Faire… It is terrific food, a lovely restaurant with great characters (Marry Poppins was the hostess!), and best of all, it gave us an excuse to valet park the car and explore the Grand Floridian!


here are my picks for sit down character meals and counter

Sit down
hollywood and vine
50s primetime cafe
Cape may at the beach club

Character meals
Crystal palace breakfast or Dinner
chef Mickeys breakfast or Dinner
ohanas for breakfast has character meal

Counter services
MK Peco bills cosmic rays or columbia house
Ak Flame tree or Pizzasafari
MGM backlot express
EPCOT - Mexicos counter service
Englands harry Ramendens fish company ( I believe thats what its called the counter service there
Lotus cafe in China

Dtd Earl of sandwhich