Best character dinner/breakfast?


I’ve just started looking for our ADR and I need a ton of help PLEASE :huh::huh:
We always seem to eat at the same places for some reason.

In all of your opinions what is the best place for dinner and breakfast for characters. Please tell me what is best for food and what is the best for the characters.
The only one we’ve been to is The Garden Grill.
Thanks everyone!


We really enjoyed the Crystal Palace, but then the whole family likes Winne the Pooh so it was a natural for us. Chef Mickey is also good if it is not too crowded.


…and the food is good at both of these places? We’ll have many more adults than kids going & eating.


Out of all of the character meals I’ve been to (excludes Ohana, Cape May, CRT breakfast, Akershus, Garden Grove, Chef Mickey’s), I find the food best for 1900 Park Fare at breakfast and Liberty Tree Tavern at Dinner. Of course, LTT no longer has characters, except from January 3-February 13 while Crystal Palace is under construction.

I also recommend getting an early ADR for CP so you can enter MK before the park opens. I didn’t find the food quite as good as 1900 Park Fare’s, but the experience was great.

IMHO, Cinderella’s Royal Table is overpriced and not worth it unless you have young (but not too young - at least five years so they can remember it) daughters who must eat in the castle. And keep in mind that as of now, dinner at CRT is not a full character dining experience. Fairy Godmother and two mice rotate the room, but they do not stop and sign autographs.


The only character dining we’ve been to was Chef Mickey. My teenage boys were originally not too pleased about character dining, but did it for Mom. They ended up having a blast, as Chip and Dale goofed off with them “teenager style.” The food was not bad at all. Everything hot, and lots of choices.


My family and I always enjoy Cape May Cafe for breakfast. We all think that both the food and the characters are wonderful there. We also enjoy Akershaus in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot for breakfast. They have these cheesy potatoes that are to die for, and the princesses are always fun too. We’ve never eaten lunch or dinner at Akershaus because the menu is not appealing to us. The only character dinner that we’ve done that I can remember is 1900 Park Fare. We used to love it, but the last time we ate dinner there (October 2007), the food wasn’t very good, so we haven’t been back. The characters are wonderful there, though. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are hysterical! Good luck making your ADRs.


Yes we enjoyed the meals at both. Chef Mickey was a little more wallet friendly, but I think the food at Crystal Palace was a touch better.


Food wise, we like Crystal Palace for lunch or dinner, Cape May for breakfast.


Characters will always depend on preference.

Our kids were very into Playhouse Disney a couple years back, so H&V was the stop.

This year was all about Alice in Wonderland and the new movie, so 1900 Park Fare was the stop.

As for the food itself, I’d take 1900 Park Fare over anything else - for both variety and quality.


Thank you everyone, for your suggestions, it’s a big help!!:flowers:


We love the Crystal Palace. Ohana’s is our second best w/The Animal Kingdom in third.
This is food tasting wise. As for charachters, Ohana’s, CP and ak.


We love, love, loved Ohana’s!!!


we always do dinner at chef mickeys, but i liked the food at 1900 park fare best, and the characters there were a hoot


We did breakfast at Donald’s Safari Breakfast in AK last February and loved it. There was a wide variety of food and the quality was very good for a buffet. The characters were very sweet and service was wonderful. And the juice! Wow! Wonderful stuff!


We love Crystal Palace for breakfast especially having an ADR before the park opens and having Main Street all to yourself for great photo opps. The food is very good at breakfast and they have everything that will satisfy all types of appetites.
For dinner we like 1900 Park Fare for the food and the characters. The food is very good.
We also like Chef Mickeys for dinner and the characters. We always have fun there.
Check out the menus on and you will have a good idea what you will be eating.


1900 Park Fare for Dinner… The Prime Rib is terrific, the characters are great. The wicked step sisters are hilarious. That seems to be the place for a little bit of everything for everyone. IMO :pirate:


Without a doubt we like the Character b-fast @ Crystal Palace the best! DO NOT miss the puffed french toast! I have come close to body checking a ten year old for the last piece. Seriously though it is very nice and if you can get an early reservation you will be in a great pole position for the rest of the day starting at the central hub.


Here are my favorites in order and why.

  1. Crystal Palace for breakfast. I like the 8:05am ADR on a non-EMH morning because it gets you in the park early and you can get breakfast done, see all the characters and make it to the rope drop at the castle without missing a beat. Pooh and friends are a favorite of me and my DD’s. We have done this character meal every trip since 97 excpet for the year they were closed for refurb. The food is excellent and fresh and the service is awesome most of the time. I have had one or two occassions where it wasn’t, but that can happen any where in WDW once or twice over 12 years…lol

  2. Ohanna at the Polynesian. I like the EARLIEST possible ADR (7:30am) as no one wants to go there that early. The character interaction with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and stitch is THE BEST on property hands down. The meal is typical breakfast food and won’t knock your socks off, but the characters make up for it.

  3. Chef mickeys for any time…I love it there, but HATE the food or should I say the food hates me? lol

  4. Cinderella’s for breakfast…8:05am ADR for the same reasons I like CP early in the morning. I love eating in the castle and over looking an empty Fantasy Land…it’s fun!


For Girls:
Breakfast at Norway is the BOMB!!! Incredible interaction with the characters and you get a picture with Belle as well.

For the classics - Mickey and the gang - Chef Mickeys.

Crystal Palace is always nice and fun…and I also like 1900 Park Fare.


Thank you everyone for your opinions!! I think we are going with our usual Garden Grill. Not my favorite for food, but I love that it’s smaller than the other places.
Thanks again!