Best Character Meals


We are planning a trip with our then 5 year old boy and 3 3/4 year old girl. They both love Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and the usual popular characters. My daughter is in love with the Princesses.

Which location on WDW property, regardless if park or resort, would you recommend us to go to? Also, can anyone verify if the Disney Dining Plan covers this meal as well.

Thank you and bless you all for being here to help!!


Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort would probably be your best bet to keep both of them happy.(Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & the gang) (The Contemporary is on the Monorail line, so you can plan a late morning brunch there and take the monorail over from the Magic Kingdom) Or the Crystal Palace at the MK, with Winnie the Pooh and Friends. There are several Princess meals (Cinderella’s Royal Table (for breakfast) in the Castle being the creme de la creme) The Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot also has a Princess breakfast, as well as 1900 Park Fare Lane at the Grand Floridian Resort. (They have Mary Poppins for breakfast (not literally) - and Cinderella at dinner.


Chef Mickey’s is the best.

We are trying 1900 Park Fare for dinner this trip. It’s Cinderella’s friends, but a lot cheaper than CRT at the castle.


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I’ll put in a vote for Chef Mickey’s.
It was awesome!!


Welcome to our world! Yes, the breakfast is covered by the plan. It counts as a sit down dinner.


Chef Mickey’s is my vote and yes the dining plan covers character meals. Book early though!


Chef Mickey’s is great, a must do for us. Liberty Tree Tavern (for dinner) is another great meal if you are looking for a sit down meal in MK.


I have to say Chef Mickey’s breakfast is GREAT!!! Lots of fun for the kids…and for you, too!!! :wink:


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Chef Mickey’s is great but if you want longer attention, try Cape May Cafe’s breakfast at YC/BC. Not as big as Chef’s and they stay longer.

Crystal Palace (in MK) was good too with Pooh and Friends. 1900 Park Fare’s (Grand Floridian) breakfast has Mary Poppins (at the entrance) and Alice in Wonderland characters.

Donald’s Breakfastosaurus in AK is a lot of fun too. That is a must for our family.


I’d agree with the masses about Chef Mickey’s but would also like to agree with those who said the Crystal Palace. The Pooh characters are very popular, and the atmosphere at CP is beautiful.


I am going to say Crystal Palace. I love Chef Mickey’s but sometimes I just feel like it’s TOO busy and TOO much hoopla. I think Crystal Palace is a great alternative and being in the MK near the castle is just magical enough. It’s so pretty in there too and of course TONS of characters. Keep your camera R-E-A-D-Y!


The best time to go so you get loads of time with the characters is go towards the end of the sessions, so for breakfast go after 11.00. We found this out because we had several late meals booked and as other people left the characters come around 3 or 4 times and spent longer with the girls.


Keep in mind that CRT for breakfast(not sure about lunch and dinner) is now 2 sit down meals on the DP and I believe it starts in February?? You do get a couple of pictures included.


Plus a later breakfast works great as an early lunch! Which can save you a few $$$.


I agree with going for a late breakfast. I’d also like to add that the Garden Grill in Epcot is a very good choice for a character meal. We have always had great character interaction there. We also like Liberty Tree Tavern, in addition to the ones already mentioned.


I’m going to say Chef Mickey’s or Crystal Palace. I think that would make them both happy.


We liked both Chef Mickey’s and Garden Grill but GG was our favorite! The kids liked the rotating of the restaurant and the characters there were so much better. Chip and Dale sat and colored w/ DS and they were just so fun! Chef Mickey’s is fun too, but the atmosphere is a LOT more crowded and LOUD.


Does anyone know if Cinderella’s Royal Table for dinner is or will be a character meal??? We are considering going there in May…I know they are changing a lot of the details with the meals there so I thought I would ask about it!! Also…does anyone have an idea of what the new menu will be there for dinner?? AllEarsNet said that they were going to a set menu but did not list what it would be!!

Thanks for any help!


CRT is great for girls, but our boy was not interested in the princesses (until Snow White kissed him on the cheek and left a huge red smooch print! He was beaming!)

We had the best all-around boys and girls kind of breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the GF. Lots for both kids and it is a buffet!

Crystal Palace is good if your children like Pooh and his friends.



AFAIK, Dinner is not a character at CRT, though sometimes Cindy does a walk-through. I’m pretty sure that only breakfast and lunch are character meals.

We enjoyed the Pooh characters at CP the best of the character meals that we’ve done. Garden Grill is fun, but not as much, IMHO as CP