Best classical Disney movie


Best Classic Disney movie: Vote I am curious to see everyones interests :slight_smile:


I voted Snow White. You gotta go with the original.

P.S. I love the all…


I went with Hercules cause it’s my favorite…hades rules!


My favourite is MEEEEEE!..I mean…aheam Ariel, The Little Mermaid


I voted for The Lion King. My DS absolutely looooved that movie when he was four years old. He and I would sit there and watch it over and over again. Brings back some great memories! :crying:


Cinderella! I just love those little mice. :wub:


Waaaaaa- I can’t vote for one! I love them all too much to choose!!! :tongue:


I voted Sleeping Beauty b/c in my eyes it will always be one of the most beautiful, romantic, visually stunning, and impressive movies I’ve ever seen.


Wish - also you look like her!


I picked Tarzan though it’s hard to choose just one, mainly because the theme of “two worlds, one family” is really important to me. (I also love Lilo and Stitch but it’s not up there, alas.)

The Phil Collins songs have also been important to me at a very rough time in my own life…



sorry to be a post-hog but I have to make another comment :smile:

David, I also love that “two worlds one family” very nice lyrics to a very nice song.
Reminds me of one of my familys little sayings “It takes a village to raise a child”


As much as I love most of them, I went with The Little Mermaid. I watched that movie over and over again, singing every song. Love it - the story, the music, it’s ocean theme (and I’m a marine lover).
I also felt the same way about Aladdin, but it’s not listed.


yay kippage! let’s sing! hee hee I was humming part of your world ALL day at work today :tongue:


:blush: :smile:


And that’s the song that got me, too!! I thought swimming around that little cave, rising up to the top where the sunlight comes in, and playing with sunken treasures had to be the coolest life. :wub:


and the part during the song where she opens and reaches her hand up…then closes it and pulls it back (if that made any sense!) Boy did I ever practice that move alot :biggrin:

eek! sorry to thread jack, you just can’t get me started talking about Little Mermaid :laugh:


Tessa and Kip -

The 2 of you are too cute!!! :wub:


My favorite classic Disney movie of all time is ‘Aristocats’

Any movie with at Tom Cat that likes jazz music is just cool.



But any movie with an orangutan that likes jazz music is even cooler.

That’s why I voted for Jungle Book.


TESSAAAA! OMG, I LOVE YOU!!! I totally don’t look like her but just you saying that COMPLETLEY made my day. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

PS: are you people going to call me CRAZY when I tell you in ALL seriousness that if I ever have a child, and it’s a little girl, her name is going to be “Aurora.” Not just b/c Aurora is my favorite disney character but also b/c of the strength and beauty in the meaning of the name.

OK, I’m crazy… whatever. hehe :wacko:

(ignore my threadjacking :angel:)

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