Best counter service breakfast?


On the morning we arrive we will likely end up resort hopping. We’re staying at POR and we can grab breakfast there, and then head out. But I got to thinking, is there a better breakfast spot to use our CS credit? Or are they all pretty much the same? We won’t be in the parks, but since it’s some of our party’s first time, we’ll just be wandering around the hotels. Any ideas?


My friend SWEARS by Wolfgang Pucks Express at Downtown Disney! The cereal encrusted french toast bagel! It was yummy!

I will say it is a hike before going to a park tho!


I would think about swinging over to the Boardwalk and check out the bakary there especially if the weather is nice so you can sit outside and dine!


Earl of Sandwich has some pretty yummy breakfast items!


Really? We like the lunch sandwich’s here! Hmmmmm :happy:


If I’m not hitting a park, then Wolfgang Puck Express is my choice for breakfast. I won’t eat there for breakfast on a park day because they don’t open until 9:00, and I want to be in the parks at rope drop. :happy:


They serve breakfast sandwiches until 11am. Plus they have muffins and yogurt and fresh fruit!


Oh my gosh I didn’t know that either- we love EOS but have never done breakfast there- another addition to the ‘must do’ list- thanks!


Thanks guys! I checked the menus and Wolfgang Puck Express does look really good. Maybe we’ll give it a shot…


WPE really shouldn’t be a counterservice - the food is way too good! We really like the Bakery on Boardwalk; great cinnamon buns. In fact, any of the WDW bakeries have terrific breakfast pastries. Tusker House used to have the best sticky buns until they went and ruined it with that dumb new character breakfast…I digress… There’s also Sunshine Seasons in The Land.


Shhhh! Don’t give WDW any ideas. :wink: :laugh: