Best Counter Service Dinner?


Would anyone care to name thier favorite restaurants that you DONT need reservations for ??? (Counter service places? I assume)


Flame Tree BBQ at AK
Fish and Chips place in Great Britain at Epcot


Tangierine Cafe in Morocco.

Did I mention the Tangierine Cafe?

The Tangierine Cafe is good…



I like the Columbia Harbour House at MK.


At MK:
Pecos Bill
Cosmic Rays

Also, you may want to try Planet Hollywood downtown for a dinner. You may not have to wait that long.

At Epcot:
Lotus Blossom - China
Electric Umbrella


My all-time favorite counter service place is Sunshine Seasons Fair in The Land pavilion.


From my opinion, most Disney’s counter service offer similar menus (especially in the theme parks). You can find hamburger, chicken strip, and salad at most places (and most of them are pretty much the same). So with that said, here are some of my favorite counter services:

MK – Casey’s Corner (for their Mini Corn Dog ^^)
MGM – ABC Commissary
(one of a few counter services in MGM where you can eat in-door)
EPCOT – Tangierine Café
AK – Flame Tree BBQ (we especially love the smoke beef / pork sandwich there)


MK - Peco’s Bills - Yum Yum Yum!

MGM - NONE! They’re all mediocre! Honestly, I don’t know how they get away with such things.

AK - TUSKER HOUSE! So good! OH my goodness! Try the wrap with the corn chowder, or the chicken sandwich! Very VERY VERY good!

EPCOT - I haven’t been everywhere, here, but the Electric Umbrella LOOKS really cool!


Check out the menus on


At EPCOT we always eat in the Land Pavillion. On the ground floor is a huge food court. It used to be called the Sunshine Food Fair, not sure of the new name since it was renovated last year. Anyway, that is one awesome foodcourt, no hamburgers or chickern tenders that I could see. They have really great international food and old fashioned, diner style, blue plate special style food. My husband got a mediteranian steak wrap thingie that he thought was great, he’s a real meat and potatoes guy. The roast chicken kids meal comes with a chicken leg, garlic mashed potatoes and candied carrots. The best kids meal my daughter and I ate the whole week. Check out the menu on the web site, under dining then parks. You won’t regret it!


MK - Columbia Harbour House - after going to WDW since 1992 we discovered it last year. The tuna salad sandwich is fantastic.

Epcot - The Cantina in Mexico, Fish 'n Chips Stand in UK, The Land Food Court

AK - Tusker House. Rotisserie Chicken - fantastic!

MGM - The Commissary. Very good Oriental Noodle Bowl


Any of the above place are a good choice. I also like Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney, best sandwich ever.


Yeah! I forgot about Earl!!! THE BEST place to go is EARL of Sandwich!! DT is SOoooooooOoOoo Right!


Ditto on these…excellent!


Also on this one. In my plan, if you’re on the DDP, this is absolutely the best CS choice in the world…many choices and lenient cashiers (re: the DDP).


Forgot, this is my other fav…


I’m going to have to try this sometime, I keep hearing great things about it. I don’t know that I’ve even seen it during our last few trips so I never think about it.


Best atmosphere award to a Counter Service goes to Yakitori House at Japan in Epcot. There is no prettier setting for a counter service except maybe the tables at Flame Tree in AK that line the water and give a great view of EE.

The food at Yakitori House is good too.


Is Pecos Bill’s as good as the Unoffical Guide says?


If you’re looking for standard fast food fare (hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers) Pecos Bill’s is about as good as it gets at MK. The “Fixin’ Bar” is good too, and you can’t beat the location.


MGM - Back Lot Express

MK - Cosmic Rays

Epcot - Electric Umbrella