Best Counter Service in MK, Epcot, & HS


I looked back and didn’t see it, but I’m curious at what’s the best in these 3 parks.

Going in March, w/ 3 of the 5 kids, and doing the CS plan. A meal or 3 might be at the hotel (POR at this time), and I know 1 or 2 places we’ve had that have always been good, Peco’s Bill is 1, Sommerfest another.

Are there any must see and must avoids? I know that it’s a pretty universal type menu at most places and few have different items. But I need y’all to spill your guts about these places. Last time I went we had the TS/CS plan and most of the CS was used at the hotel.



MK-Columbia Harbor House
Epcot-Japan, Mexico, Morroco, The Land Pavilion, Epcot, it really depends on where you are in the park when you get hungry
HS-Not one suggestion, I only do sit down because I don’t like their counter


Mk: cosmic rays and pecos bills
Epcot: the land by far the best cs in all of disney
Animal kingdom: the only one I’ve eaten at is the one in dinoland
Hs: um. Abc is the only one I’ll eat at and it’s just ok.


For counter services, here are our choices:

MK - our favorite is Cosmic Rays
Epcot - Sunshine Seasons - its quick, easy, something for everyone
AK - Yak & Yeti counter service for me, for DH its Flametree Barbecue
HS - don’t have one


I would agree with all of the others, but I think that backlot express is ok. We have also had hamburgers at some place on hollywood blvd… Can’t think of the name of it now.

For Epcot- Sunshine Seasons by far in future world
MK- I like Columbia Harbor House too
AK- have you tried the picnic in the park? Sounds great…


Ahhh sunshine seasons is it’s name! Seriously makes my tummy growl just thinking about it. For a cs their food is soooooooo good!


MK - Columbia House.

How come nobody has picked the Electric Umbrella in Epcot? :blow:

ABC Commisary in HS used to be good but now it’s pretty much the same old CS place.


MK-Columbia Harbor House
Epcot - The Land Sunshine Seasons and Tangerine Cafe
HS- Pizza Planet


I would also highly recommend the Tangerine Cafe in Epcot.

For some strange reason, I’m a sucker for the toppings bars in the MK… especially Pecos Bills.

I also really like Casey’s in the MK… just make sure that the hot dog bun comes in one piece.


more votes for MK’s Cosmic Ray’s and Epcot’s Seasons ~ 2 sure stops on our trips!


In MK, #1 is Cosmic Rays (they have mashed taters for little ones) #2 Pecos Bill I like their taco salad)

In AK, Flame Tree (the Turkey sandwich is yummy)

In Epcot, Sunshine Season’s in FW has a good variety, in WS, they’re all good. I like Mexico, but then I love Mexican food. The churro’s are delish!

In HS, it’s food…no real preference


MK: Cosmic Ray’s
Epcot: Sunshine Seasons
HS: Pizza Planet


Tangierine Cafe in Morocco all the way! :wub:


Thanks guys. I’ve eaten at some of these places but it was long long ago. As for HS & Epcot we will only be at each park 1/2 the day since we want 2 days in MK. Maybe I can get dh to do HS in the AM and therefore avoid any meals there??? lol that or go there after lunch and then chance dinner at HS. I think the only place dh has eaten (myself included) at HS is the Sci Fi dinner theater.

Some of the places mentioned I was thinking about trying…hmmm


MK: Columbia Harbour House has very healthy options, but I love the chicken noodle soup at Cosmic Ray’s.
Epcot: Have to agree with the Sunshine Seasons in The Land
HS: We were unimpressed with any of the counter service we tried.
AK: We thought the Flame Tree BBQ was okay, and it was nice to sit by the water - not so nice to get attacked by the birds. Be careful!


MK- We usually eat at Peco Bill’s inbetween Frontierland and Adventureland. :] Lots of sitting and a good selection! Columbia Harbour House is also a good choice!
EPCOT- Any place inside the world is sure to please! Especially Japan and Mexico! But my family also enjoys the Electric Umbrella in Futureworld. Even though it gets a tough wrap I still love it! And it holds many secrets inside the building! :]
HS- We usually eat at Rosie’s by the ToT and RnRC!


I haven’t been there yet, but the Flame Tree Barbecue in AK seems to get rave reviews. People say that the food selection is very different from the typical Counter Service, and quite yummy. The waterside location gets points too, although I wasn’t aware of a bird problem until I read a previous post! I plan to try it on my upcoming trip.

~ Pam

38 Days till my First-ever Christmas-time trip :snowman:, at CBR with Free Dining!


We like Flame Tree but watch out for the geese, one bit my DW last time we ate there. In MK we love Pecos Bill.It has the best fixin bar in all of Disney.In HS we like Sci Fi. The atmosphere is just too cool. In Epcot we like the Electric Umbrella. Just good comfort food.


MK - Pecos Bills
EC - Any CS service in the World Showcase (but the birds are really bad in Mexico)
AK - Flame Tree BBQ (we haven’t had any bird issues there, but heard many bad stories of bad birds)
HS - This year we ate in the little Market area by ToT and Beauty and the Beast. It was really good. I think there were three or four little stands to choose from in one area and everyone found something they liked.


As with most others I say:

MK - Cosmic Rays, Columbia HH and Pecos Bills

Epcot - Sunshine Seasons

HS - used to like the Cuban sandwich at ABC Comm, but since they took it off the menu, I can only recommend going to Writers Stop and getting a Carrot Cake Cookie :wub:

AK- if it’s hot and you want to be indoors - we really like Pizzafari. The Italian Sandwich with Caesar salad on it was really good!