Best CS in EPCOT


What is your favorate CS restaurant in EPCOT and why?

Thanks so much!



Tough one. We like to eat at the Liberty Inn in America. Plenty of seats and a good place to get out of the heat, or in our case RAIN.


I LOVE the Moroccan one. What’s it called? Tangerine?

And I love the one in Norway. Yummmmmm smoked salmon and scrambled egg sandwich.


we enjoyed the one in mexico…yummy nachos!


Tangerine Cafe :wub: You’re a girl after my own heart Dopey!

I love that place too, they have excellent hummus and the chicken shawrma platter is SO good and it’s something different! And the inside is nice and cool and the atmosphere is awesome. Makes me want to belly dance.
However, I also LOVE Cantina De San Angel (the Wet Burrito is fantastic), Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips in UK however it’s just a stand so there is a pretty big lack of seating but we usually can find a spot with some searching, and I LOVE stopping by Norway as well for a Fruit Tart or some School Bread.
Gosh, there are too many to pick just one!


Hands down it’s Sunshine Seasons inside The Land.
Where else can you get an orange creme brulee?


Pretty much anywhere but the Electric Umbrella!


Tangerine Cafe
Japan (I cant remember what its called?)
Mexico (San Angel?)
Sunshine Seasons
The Fish and Chips Place


Tangerine Cafe!!!:wub: :goofybounce: :wub:

Oh, I’m sorry…was I yelling?:blush: :laugh:


So many good suggestions! I just can’t make up my mind! Yikes.

Thanks everyone.



LIberty Inn for us


The one in Mexico is probably mine and DH’s favorite, but our kids won’t eat much there. We usually end up at Sunshine Seasons, and like it pretty well too!


I have to echo the Tangierine Cafe. Really wonderful hummus- nothing like anything prepackaged in the stores, and I love their couscous. I also love the chicken & lamb schwarma- so tender and flavorful. :wub:


I have a few

sunshine season fair
the cantina
the Japenese counter service
the china counter service
Harry ramsedens fish and chips ( England)
tangerine cafe


I personally love the counter service options in The Land pavillion. It’s really improved since the ‘cafeteria style’ refurb & I’ve enjoyed some really good meals there. Yummy & fresh Cesear salads, BBQ chicken, and the dessert are SO good!


this was my favorite too…


Another vote here.

Tangierine Cafe has wonderful food. :heart:


I love Sunshine Seasons - lots of non-fast food type options. Yummy sandwiches, salads, soup & desserts.


Morocco all the way! Our kids absolutely love it! (and so do I)




Sunshine Season.:happy:

But now I’m really wanting to try the Moroccan one!