Best dates for Disney near Christmas


I’m in the being stages of planning our 2nd Disney trip. I think the kids have narrowed down the time of year to Christmas. Our first trip was at the end of July a couple of years ago. It was extremely hot and super crowded. We would like to avoid both this time. Which time would you recommend, the 2nd weekend in December or Jan 1-4?


For everything Christmas excluding the crowds, go the first week of December. The decorations and celebrations will be in full-force and the discount are normally good.


Second weekend of December because all the Christmas decorations and entertainment will be in full swing and crowds aren’t too bad.
Starting Jan 2, they really kick into overdrive and remove almost all signs of the holidays by midnight.

As for temps in Florida in December and January, they’re all over the place. I’ve gone swimming at midnight on NY Eve and Christmas one year and the next year, any colder and we’d have had snow. That means highs as high as 83 can happen. It also means that temps can drop to 40. Though not on the same day.


We have been the day after Christmas and stayed until Jan 1st, and we also have arrived the first week in January. We loved being there for NYEve.

Like SoundGod said, the temps can vary. One year it was 29degrees on New Years Eve, and the high that day had been around 40. The topiaries were covered and the canals were freezing over. Another year, we were in short sleeves. Just be prepared for all kinds of weather in Dec and Jan.

If you can go earlier in Dec, I would choose that crowd wise, however, I think everyone should experience the fireworks on NY Eve at least once.


I’ve done both. Crowd levels are low both weeks. It just depends on if you want the Christmas experience. Osbourne Festival of Lights is pretty cool.


I would opt for the December dates because of the crowds, but I will say that NY Eve at the World truly is magical. I think everyone should try it once. Same with Thanksgiving, that was a very cool trip for us as well.



December dates for sure! It is a great time to go. The crowds are minimal and the temps are comfortable. You will be able to attend a Christmas Party too.


December gets my vote. It really puts you in the mood for Christmas. Don’t miss the Candlelight Procession - magical!


We are there December 16th thru the 23rd … The DW is so excited about the Lights on the Castle … I can’t wait to see the new Fantasyland !!!


Thank y’all for your responses. Wish I could talk my husband into both dates!!! Leaning towards December dates but the idea of starting off the new year is very tempting.


I would absolutely vote December.


Our one of our trips, we left home on New Year’s Day (Friday, Jan 1) and arrived at WDW on Sunday, January 3.

We were South bound and moving as fast as we wanted. North bound I-75 & Rt 91 were wall-to-wall, slow moving RV’s and minivans packed with suitcases on the top. I have no idea how slow they were moving, but it was pretty much bumper-to-bumper from Orlando to Gainesville. It would have taken people hours to get through that congestion.


The two weeks after Thanksgiving are great except there are cheerleaders of all ages all over the place due to the cheerleaders competition. But they aren’t in the parks very much during the day.


My old pal Josh as some pretty good crowd calendars and month by month analysis over at Free Disney World Crowd Calendars, Ride Reviews, Resort Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, and More


We have gone in December and absolutely love the lights and the Christmas feel to the parks. So obviously I am going to suggest December.