Best day for MK?


we are going for star wars weekend…June 6 to the 13th . so the first two days of our trip will undoubtedly be in MGM. I read somewhere that monday is the worst day to go to MK for crowds… so what is the best?


Have you tried viewing the crowd calendar at - Plans which save you time and effort I don’t believe you can get a better idea for crowd levels than their site.


EVERY DAY is the best day for MK:laugh:


I think planning around EMH is your best bet. If you’re going get there early and get out in the afternoon. If you’re not going to EMH then plan to go to the park that had EMH the night before.

We’ve been in MK on a Saturday in July and the park was so empty we almost walked on every attracation. I just don’t know that there’s one bad day, it’s a lot of luck.


We’re doing MK on that Sunday. Touring plans has no best day for MK all weekend, at least Sunday it is not listed as best or worst. We are also trying to do the MK EMH morning and evenings earlier in the week. Hopefully we will be able to do everything that way. I’m expecting it to be uber crowded but we’ll deal with it. We’re so used to going off season, I hope we’re not too overwhelmed by the crowds.


I’ve always heard and read that the worst days to visit MK is on a Sunday or Monday. The reason being is because most people will arrive to start their vacation on a Saturday/Sunday so the first park they choose to go to is MK.

I’d check some of the touring plans like someone else suggested :happy:


Faerie The Dave and I will be there around the same time!! Maybe we’ll see you in the parks!


We’ve always found Saturday a good day for MK as alot of people are checking in and out at weekends.