Best Dinner location IN A PARK for a birthday dinner (2 year old)


I’ve been to WDW more times than I can remember, but never needed to look into this aspect of this upcoming trip.

My wife and I are taking my son (who will be turning two during the trip and will be on this third visit to WDW), my father, sister and brother-in-law to WDW to celebrate my son’s second birthday.

We want to do a special dinner with the family to celebrate his birthday INSIDE a park. I would like to know which places will do the best for a little man’s second birthday - balloons, cake, well wishes, etc, etc, etc. I am not sure how receptive he will be to characters, so at this point a character meal isn’t a make or break place.

Also, if there is a better place at a resort for a birthday celebration for a little guy, I would appreciate information on that too. Basically, money is no object for this meal.


Since you want to have the birthday party in a park, that kind of limits things. I might suggest Crystal Palace in MK. The characters there are from Winnie the Pooh, which would be appropriate for a toddler, I think.

(BTW: Wheew! I finally hit 900! I’m exhausted - guess I need a vacation to rest up - any suggestions???))



In the last line of my initial thread starting post, I asked for recommendation for places outside of the parks if people thought they were better.

ANy ideas?


I think you CAN’T GO WRONG with Chef Mickey’s! I have never been to dinner, so I can’t help you there. But I’ve been for breafast and it was GREAT!!! The character interaction is wonderful, and perfect characters for a toddler! (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Pluto, sometimes Donald)

Another great place for a family dinner celebration is 'Ohana. There is a lot going on at that restaurant! They have a ukelele player/singer there, they do hula hoop contests, coconut races, etc. Not sure if your 2 year old would want to participate, but it is a really fun atmosphere with YUMMY food! And if you’re lucky and time it right, you can watch Wishes out the window from your table.



I think your best bet is the Crystal Palace or Libery Tree.

Inside the castle is always an option, too - I don’t know how you feel about princesses. :c)


There’s always the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom. You won’t get a character experience, but a 2-year-old might get a kick out of the decor.


Chef Mickey’s is wonderful for kids of all ages.

We celebrated my DS birthday at Liberty Tree Tavern and it was wonderful! Our table had Mickey heads all over it when we sat down and they came out ringing a big bell and sang happy birthday to him and gave him a cupcake with a candle. It was a really great birthday meal.


Have you considered the new character meal in MGM. It’s a breakfast, but it does have the Play house disney characters. I think that would be perfect for a two year old. If not that, I would definately go with Crystal Palace. Pooh is the bomb!


I would say Crystal Palace.


I know you thought character dining mught be a bit much for your little guy, BUT…

I vote Crystal Palace with everyone else!!! First, the buffet is fabulous for a toddler. The room is lovely, and the characters are appropriate for him (epsecially if you watch movies and read books that feature them before you go!) and they are all VERY GENTLE with little kids. They really make sure that they treat each kid perfectly – a little feisty with the older ones, calm and peaceful with the little ones! I am sure he will be comfortable and enchanted!
For your cake and balloons, just tell the CM when you make your reservations, and remember to confirm with the restaurant CM when you arrive for the meal…


I have to chime in and agree with everyone else on Crystal Palace.
Our DS really loved that place when he was 2 and 3 years old.
It’s the perfect place to bring a todddler.


Though I’m not a fan of buffets, I must agree with the majority - Crystal Palace. Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends are ideal for a 2 year old.

Outside the Parks I would suggest 1900 Park Fare Lane at the GF, with Cinderella’s Friends. (The buffet here is better than most).