Best Disney Deal ever!


Last night I took my kids to Sea Side Hts Toms River boardwalk. We were walking the boardwalk and there was this game that was all Disney. All the prizes from the Disney store and Walt Disney World. It cost $1.00 to play and it was a wheel. You had to choose the character that it may stop on. It you choose the 1 character that had the special glitter on it u would win 5 tickets which u can get 5 prizes. So my DD 8 put her $1.00 on the glitter character which I think was Minnie and guess what!!! She won 5 tickets. With the 5 tickets she could of had a new with tags Disney princess coat for school… a new in box Disney princess tv with the Dvd player… a new bike and so on… but what did she choose?? 4 new Disney dvd’s. Lady and the tramp 1 and 2 Toy Story 2, a princess alarm clock and a tinkerbell school supply kit. The price tags from the DS was on and it totaled to $120.00 all for $1.00!!! Now thats the best Disney deal I had ever seen!!!


Wow… that’s one lucky kid! Maybe you should take her to Vegas!


LOL!!! I was thinking that but then I thought if we go to vegas WDW will be out of it. LOL… She was complanning the whole night that she didnt win anything and this was the last game we played before we left. I want to rool all my change and go back today!!!


Yahoo! What a nice way to have fun: a stroll on a boardwalk, playing a game and walking away a winner!


congratulations!! that’s awesome!!


That is excellent… what a lucky girl.


Holy cow! Now there’s some bang for your buck! :biggrin:


Very, VERY cool!!!


That is a great Disney deal!! Way to go!


Wasn’t it hard not to make her choose what you wanted her to choose. I’m such a bossy mommy that I would have been going out of my mind. That is cool stuff she got and she will be happy with it.


Wowza!! I go to Seaside once a summer but I have never seen this cool Disney game?!??! What is is by?