Best disney dining choices for new-comer!


I’m going to disney in September hopefully. My boyfriend is coming with me, and it’s only his second visit. I’m an experienced Disney go-er whose eaten on the Dining plan for the past 4 trips. However I’m having trouble deciding on restaurants that would fit a new comer for a 5 day trip! I know what I like, but I want to show him a great dining experience without going just to my favorites. Help!


My choices would be these. These are “must do’s” for us if on Deluxe and we pick from these if on the regular dining plan.

  1. Crystal Palace
  2. Cinderella’s Royal Table
  3. Kona Cafe
  4. California Grill
  5. Le Cellier
  6. Biergarten (food is so-so, but a fun place)

I could go on and on, but those are our “must dos”


Hey if he loves you he should really enjoy going to your favorite places with you so stick with those. At least that is what my wife told me to say.:laugh::laugh:


Well, tell us your favourites and we’ll tell you if he’d like them too!:happy:


Our family has been to Disney many times, and one place we always go back to is O’Hana. We also tried Tepan Edo for the first time in October and had a great time!


Too funny! :laugh:

Well some of my favorites are:

Le Cellier
Cinderella’s Royal Table
Tutto Italia
California Grill
Liberty Tree Tavern

I think he would like Biergarten (which I’m not crazy about) or Tutto Italia. So I’ll think about those. Has anyone ever eaten at The Wave? Is it any good?


I’m really thinking about Ohana at night too!


Good choice:happy: We go there every visit -it sooo yummy.


We ate at The Wave last trip. It was ok - I didn’t think there were too many choices. What we had was good - but I don’t think we’d go back again - except for the dessert. The Creamy Indulgence dessert was amazing!

One restaurant that’s a lot of fun is Raglan Road. Make a late reservation to be there for the entertainment. We also love Tokyo Dining. If you like sushi - or tempura.


top meals for us are
Hoop de Do dinner show
Cinderellas Royal Table breakfast
Le Cellier dinner
California Grill dinner
Crystal Palace breakfast
Ohana Breakfast

The only lunch place I really love is Primetime at DHS- we love it there!

I have kids however so a lot are character based and they are all rather pricey so If that is an issue you would want to maybe choose one and then hit a bunch of great counter services - if you are doing the dining plan you will want to know that the meals and counter give you a LOT of food so you can use two credits at one nice meal and then share an adult counter serv to stretch it all out-


Cali grill
Le cellier
Crystal palace (breakfast)
Ohana (dinner)