Best Disney Princess


I thought I would open a discussion about the Princesses because, why not?


I am sooooo “old school”!!! :happy:


I love Belle!


Minnie is my favorite! She is Mickey’s princess. :wink:

I voted for my DGD’s favorite, Aurora!


I voted for Mulan - I like my princesses feisty and Mulan was feisty. I could have also voted for Merida. 'Cause she’s feisty too.


Pocahontas is the hottest. :laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Richard…






Is there something you’d like to share with the class?


I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually had trouble deciding which one to choose. Each one has it’s highlights and strengths, but in the end, I picked Cinderella.


Me too…she’s a Classic…although like you I like most of them…


I voted Belle, gotta give it to a fellow brunette.


Well it’s true!

Don’t blame me. It’s in my blood I guess - related to a Jamestown survivor who married up with a native princess. Nope - not the good captain and Pocahontas, another one. :laugh:


Belle is a good choice. The girl’s a reader.


Tough decision! I ended up choosing Pocahontas.


Jasmine, hottie


Poor Tiana, she’s my second favorite!


Had to go with Rapunzel. It’s nice to see a woman step up and take control in the relationship instead of the guy always calling the shots :laugh:
Remember, SHE asked Him.