Best DL Rides?


:snowman: Hi! My DD and I are taking our first Disneyland trip and I am wondering what are the best rides to go on!? We have been to Disneyworld many times and know those rides well. When I went on my honeymoon with my ex…they had Toad’s Wild Ride then. I am looking forward to riding it at DL. Thanks!


From my TR:

Ok…so now having been to both WDW and DLR what do I think?

Let’s see…

As for as rides go……

A lot are the same, Splash Mountain is different but over all equal to the WDW version. Maybe a little bit wetter at DLR

Peter Pan in DLR is cooler because of the themeing, movement of the ride, and the flying through the stars scene of the ride (It is a simple thing but makes a big difference to me).

Indy Speedway(WDW) vs. Autopia(DLR)……Autopia much better.

Nemo Subs (DLR) vs The Seas with Nemo and Friends(WDW)
…….Subs are way cooler.

Monorail……DLR takes you inside the Magic Kingdom …WDW is larger and has A/C….hard call here……tie.

Train……With a extra stop in Tomorrowland and the Dioramas ….DLR’s is better

Haunted Mansion ….Once the referb is done at WDW the ride itself should be close to the same …….but the outside look, inside queue, and the first room (That is really an elevator which makes the stretching room effect feel really cool) Makes the DLR version much better.

Winnie the Pooh …… I like the Hunny Pots better…WDW is much better

No Country Bears at DLR anymore …replaced by Pooh……Bad DLR bad.

Jungle Cruse …… DLR guns seem to always work….been a while since I heard the WDW ones….DLR better……a little……maybe

Small World……DLR is a stand alone building and loads outside……bigger is better…it is one of the 1964 Worlds Fair attractions as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean
……… DLR is longer with a few extra scenes and two drops……DLR is better.

Tiki Room……I like the original show better…DLR much better.

Buzz……DLR you can pick up the guns and the AA Buzz with the big Etch a Sketch makes it better over all.

Tower of Terror ……Better queue and more ride to story before you start to drop makes the WDW version much better.

Grizzly River Run (DLR) vs. Kali River Rapids (WDW)
…more to the DLR ride. Faster and more rapidy….but no on ride storage for your stuff on the DLR version.

DLR has Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (WDW has a Mr. Toad statue in the HM exit Grave yard …that’s just sad), Alice in Wonderland, and, for now, the 50th anniversary display and movie.

WDW has a lot more stuff over all.

DLR is small and intimate and you can get around it very quickly.

WDW is BIG and has A Lot more stuff.

Castle vs Castle………Bigger is better……but DLR’s has a real draw bridge.

Fix up of DLR’s California Adventure will be a BIG help…. Screamin’ is a very good coaster…but the Amusement feel of the Pier sections is, to me, very un Disney.

As an DLR AP pass holder you get discounts just about everywhere by just showing your AP. I just got 50% of my room price for my next DLR trip by using the AP and had a great selection of rooms to choose from. You get at least 10% off you room at any time with your DLR AP. Adult DLR AP’s cost $379

I have never been able to get an AP discount room, that I wanted, using my WDW AP, even when trying the morning the discounts come out. But I have only tried to get these discounts for the monorail resorts and was offered other resorts at the discount.

The DLR AP is plastic, not paper like the WDW AP’s, and the DLR AP’s have your picture on the back.

Walt’s Apartment at DLR.

What I think…time for a short trip up to a week = DLR…time for a week or more = WDW :smile: but do both if you can an see for yourself.:smile:

Walt spent a lot of time in the DLR Magic Kingdom…….sadly none in WDW :sad:………Both are Great and special in there own way……They are not clones of one another and though a trip to DLR does not have to be as long as a trip to WDW to see everything, it is without a doubt, worth the trip.:smile:


Don’t miss the Tiki Room (the original - much better than the WDW version! :wub:), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Indiana Jones, the Matterhorn, and the Nemo Subs…those are all things you wouldn’t get to enjoy in WDW!!

Also California Screamin in DCA is great! :happy:


Thanks so much! This is very helpful!


Have a great trip - DL is so much fun! :happy:


Um, to add to what Ready2Go stated:

The Matterhorn One of the true Disneyland only rides.

Pinnochio Something I did not realize exists only in DLR. Absolute must.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride yet another Disneyland only ride.

Finding Nemo Subs Long wait, so get there first thing in the morning…

Pirates of the Caribbean Well worth the time to go

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters An interactive ride that allows you to become a Galactic Hero! (just like me)

What used to be great moments with Mr. Lincoln and is now temporarily the first 50 magical years Steve Martin hosts, worth the time to see.

Over in California Adventure:

The three MUST are:
California Screaming A really neat roller coaster that starts from a dead stop!

Soarin’ over California Worth the wait, though you might want to fast pass it as soon as you enter the park.

Tower of Terror How can you go wrong?

Grizzly River Run Does have lockers to the side you can stash anything for free up to two hours so it doesn’t get wet.

But you will have fun at Disneyland! :wub:


Indiana Jones is definitely a fave at DL


Just to clarify, if I recall correctly, Disneyland Park has more attractions then the Magic Kingdom park, but Disneyland has many rides that are a must when visiting, especially the Matterhorn, POTC, Nemo, and such. Have fun! :smile:




Indiana Jones rocks my world. Just don’t look into the eyes of Mara, and you should be safe. :wink:

And don’t let the mess that is the WDW Tiki Room Under New Management deter you from visiting the Disneyland Tiki Room.


Wow Thanks for all of that I am going to print it out!


In my opinion DL is home of the Classic Peter Pan Ride. It is sooo much more authentic than WDW… Also the Materhorn is unique to California. I also love the original Pirates. I like the loading area of Thunder Mountain Raiload better then in the world. Just my 2 cents.


Our favs that we like better at DL MK than at WDW (or rides WDW MK doesn’t have):
Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion (I think WDW updated theirs since I’ve been to Florida though, so they might now be that different anymore)
Indian Jones
Peter Pan (we like this one much better at DL)
Buzz Lightyear (the guns aren’t stationary on the ride vehicle like they are at WDW)
Mr. Toads Wild Ride
Alice in Wonderland
Grizzly River Run in DCA is so fun…we love that the raft spins in circles going down the big drop and you definately get WET on this one!


yay!!! I can’t wait!


It’s coming so soon, you will be there before you know it! :biggrin: