Best food delivery service


what is everyon’e opinion on the best grocery delivery service for WDW? I am going there in september and also december. I have a 2 year old, so i am looking for one that can get me pretty much what i need, and not rip me off in the process. i figured if anyone knew where to go, it would be all of you fine people.


I used last trip and will be using them again in August. They charge a flat $10 delivery fee and have a wide variety of items at reasonable prices. They will deliver them right to your resort and you dont even have to be there. They will hold them in luggage for you and even refrigerate any perishable items. Then when you get back to your room just call luggage and they will bring them up to you.


Glad you posted that info. I was going to pm you and ask you what happened if you couldn’t get in your room when they brought the groceries. How soon before your trip were you able to order? I called and left a message with them, but never heard back. I wanted to do it soon just to get it out of the way, but worry about placing an order for an october trip now. I guess I could place it and then follow up on it later.


We used in May and will be using them again in December. We found them to be very customer service oriented - courteous and accomodating. They know you are on vacation and will do whatever they need to do to get your goods to you.


This is really good stuff to know. The idea of getting groceries delivered is so foreign to me…I never thought of doing it at WDW! What a great idea.


I third the recommendation. I used them last December and they delivered my groceries on Christmas Day. As soon as I was done checking-in, the CM went to the baggage are and pulled out the luggage cart with all of my groceries, I just brought them up to my room myself.


Wow what a great idea to have groceries delivered to your hotel!


It works out so great! Especially getting a couple of cases of water, breakfast items and snacks and anyone with a baby can get diapers without having to lug a whole suitcase of them along. That way you really do not need a rental car at all.


looks like gardengrocer is the way to go. thank you all so much…


We are going to use garden grocer this year, I went and created an account and already made a list up, I just printed the list for when it is closer to Nov and I will go back and reorder. They do have specials and such.


We just used Garden Grocers for the first time this past week and were very pleased. We had to re-order some things we ran out of and they had told us when they delivered the first order that we could have a re-order with no delivery charge. Make sure you ask about that if you have to re-order.


Are the prices reasonable at all? The Publix on 192 has pretty decent prices, but Goodings (?) at Crossroads is out of control! I would order from garden grocer if they are decent for our December trip… I understand I am on vacation, but with a normal grocery store 5 minutes away, why pay more??


That sounds like a great deal. I’ve wondered with places like SSR, where you might have a hike to get a drink refill, one might want to order a lot of soda. But what if you got a room right next to the food court. So you could order say a 12 pk and reorder more if you get a room far away from the food court.


This is a great tidbit!!! I can’t believe it! I guess they truely value their reputation! That is Customer Service for you!


Remember Gooding’s is owned by Disney so the prices are up, the Walmart is cheapest, but I like the idea of delivery!!