Best for family of 5


I know there are a lot of people on here with disney smarts, and I would like to tap into some of those smarts. I am planning a trip in December for myself, DW, DS - 10 years old, DD - 4 years old, and another DD - 4 years old. I was wondering which resort would be best for my family? I have only been to Disneyworld once so my knowledge is very limited. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


We have 5 ourselves. Disney seems to miss the fact that some couples choose to have more than 2 children. Many rooms are only for 4 people.

Many of the villas & suites get pricey. I don’t know what your budget is, but FW has cabins/villas that sleep 6.

For our part, the rest of our Disney-with-kids days will probably be camping at FW.


I think the most affordable option for a family of 5 is a room at Port Orleans Riverside. After that you can book some deluxe rooms that have 2 queen beds and a day bed. There are also new family suites at All Star Music that will open in June.



Depending on the $$ you want to spend. We stay at the Polynesian and it is very comfortable for us!! Plenty of room! Love this place, but it can be a bit pricey!


I have a family of four! We’ve stayed at both the Contemporary, and the Polynesian! And while both resorts were wonderful, the Polynesian was our favorite because the rooms were huge!
Two adults, a 10 year old, and two 4 year olds will be very comfortable in the rooms at the Poly!


If you do POR, the rooms in Alligator Bayou have a trundle bed that pulls out for your little one. we have done that several times, but now our kiddos are getting a little too big for that. I would look into the all star suites at the all star music resorts. They are new, they have room to sleep 6, have a fridge,microwave and 2 bathrooms. They cost a little more than a moderate room. You can also check out hotels in the downtown disney area. They often offer perks like free breakfast and are less expensive for a big family than onsite hotels. Of course, you don’t get the extra hours benefit for staying onsite. We have also in the past (when money was really tight) booked a value room and brought a blow up air mattress to put on the floor for one of the girls. It was cramped but we were at disney!


We stay at the Saratoge Springs resort (mainly because we belong to the Vacation club), because the rooms are large. We’ve stayed at other resorts and really like it there.


Since your kids are still little, I’d say the POR with the trundle bed.

But be aware that it’s kinda tight quarters there for a whole family. Once the kids get a little bigger, you may prefer to get two adjoining rooms at a value resort. That way you’d have two bathrooms (which I think is the biggest disadvantage to all staying in one room).


we have five also we did Pop century in june two rooms it was great to have two bathrooms. we had three teenagers girls. or now they have one of the value into suites.


Has anyone stayed at a family suite at the value resort? I was curious how big they are, what is the bed situation etc.?


They have pictures at They are basically 2 rooms put together. There is a queen bed, a pull out sofa that is a double bed and 2 chair and ottoman thingies that each make a twin bed. There are 2 tv’s and 2 bathrooms.


thanks for the quick reply Karliebug!!!


We stayed with 5 in a Contemporty wing room, and had plenty of space.


We are a fam of 5 (ds11, ds9, and dd5). Frankly, after age 2 or 3, we find the “trundle bed” concept uncomfy. Maybe part of that reason is the # of nights we stay (we go every other year, but for 9-12 nights). But overall, I find it very hard to get young ones to sleep in same room as mom/dad - ugh. Just not vacation to me! I think it would be difficult, with two dds the same age, to determine who would get the trundle at a moderate (and it would be too cramped for 10 yr old). The FW cabins are very nice - the separated living/sleeping areas are worth their weight in gold. Even with 2 adjoining rooms (such as the family suite at the values) I think you are better off than a moderate - you have an area for the 4 yr olds to get their zzzz’s while mom and dad decompress and plan the next day in the adjoining room.

That said, we joined DVC back in 99 when we were pg with our 3rd. It’s maybe not the right choice for everyone, but I absolutely LOVE having (a) the space and a bed for every body, and (b) access to a kitchen! When our kids were younger, it was WONDERFUL to be able to have some meals in our room, or to let dd take an afternoon nap while the boys and I played cards and ate popcorn in ther living room. We saved quite a few bucks on breakfasts, and even some lunches / dinners along the way. Our kids are older now and we probably don’t use the kitchen as much, but a nice sized fridge still comes in handy for beverages and snacks! Don’t discount the possibility of a DVC property - if you can rent points from a member at
a decent price (say, 10 to 11 bucks per pt) and then plan your stay from a sun to Friday (avoiding the Fir/Sat nts as they are the most points-costly) you can usually get a VERY nice place to stay at a good deal. Factor in some cost savings on meals and it’s even more of a good deal.

If you aren’t opposed to off-site, there are a variety of resorts near WDW that have family suites… we just happen to love the on-site experience, though. JMHO and good luck - this family of 5 thing isn’t easily managed on Disney’s fam of four standards, is it?!? :happy:


These are the only 5-member family solutions I know of in the moderate and value resorts. We’ve used PORR twice for this reason. The youngest child just needs to be small enough for the trundle.

Reserve early, not very PORR has a trundle.

Luxuries such as Poly and Contemp can handle five persons.


I would suggest the new All Star Family suites for a budgeted minded trip. Your family of five should be just fine in there. Welcome to Disney Central.


How do you rent points? Do you go through Disney? Or a travel agent?


You can check that out here, in the DVC section.

I think the new AllStar Suites are a great idea! Having two bathrooms, two tvs and a door you can close between the rooms are all big, big pluses. I’d certainly look into that option. I’ve always been curious about the cabins at Ft. Wilderness. They look very cool - but I’m not sure of the price. But if it was a choice between a cabin or a room in a deluxe, I think I’d take the cabin. Ft. Wilderness is a great place for kids to run around.

BTW - Welcome to DC!


You rent them from a DVC member. SOmetimes DVC members can’t use their allotted points that year and have extra to sell, or perhaps they decide they want to take a cruise or even a non-Disney vacation (perish the thought but yup, it happens! :wink: ) They can rent their pts or rent a booked reservation to a non-member. The non-member gets the benefits of DVC accommodations at a reasonable price without the dues and long-term commitment of DVC ownership. Several Disney-based boards provide a rental page for DVC owners and potential renters to make contact with each other. I would seek a renter who is willing to provide something in writing (a rental agreement), and who is a long-term reputable poster on that board. I would NOT go eBay, though you sometimes see rentals there as well. A willingness to travel in short notice (like, 2 months or less) may fare well also, because often, a DVC member may get desperate as their points approach expiration date and, realizing they need to unload them, offer them at a lower price. Caveat there is then resort availability. But as long as you aren’t looking for a room on New YEar’s Eve or other highly popular travel / resort time, you should be able to connect with something quite nice. (And the DVC resorts ARE NICE, and on-site!)

(In fact, I should offer this one bit of warning - DVC PROPERTY IS DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE! :nuke: Once you try it, you will be hooked on it and a vicious cycle of buying points / wanting MORE points begins! Consider yourself duly warned!)


Do you have a recommendation for a disney based board? And thanks for the warning :happy: . Could see that happening!