Best Friends Pet Care Refurb!


From AOL:
Feel bad chilling with Goofy while your own pooch is cooped up at the hotel? Never fear. Starting later this year, you can drop Fido off for a few hours or for your entire stay at a full-service, one-of-a-kind pet resort. Day-time activities include nature walks, playgroups, and a doggy day camp. After all that running around, you can rest assured knowing your pet is living it up in a private suite, outfitted with a television and raised bedding. The resort will be run by Best Friends Pet Care, the group already responsible for running Disney World’s five existing pet facilities, and will include additional perks like ice cream treats and bedtime stories.


Would cost a fortune if we boarded our three dogs… So we rely on our wonderful extended family… ok my Dad… He’s the best pet sitter in the world… Free!!! Plus I think my old girl would have a heart attack not being able to get into the garbage can for her “snacks”…LOL…


I hear that. Daisy considers it her personal restaurant.