Best FUN places to eat


I’m a relative “newbie” to Disney. Went for the first time last Sept. with my son. I’m 52 he’s 19. We both had a fabulous time. Two of our favorite places to eat when we went were Planet Hollywood and Prime Time Cafe just because of the “fun factor”, a different experience than you could get most other places. Any other places you can suggest that are Fun.


I think the atmosphere at the Sci Fi Diner is quite fun. They show B movie clips and corny commercials, and its just a nice atmosphere. The food isn’t much to write home about but its OK.


If you want the interaction then I think Whisper Canyon Cafe is good, also there is Hoop De Do Revue. We love the Rainforest Cafe @ Downtown Disney too.


Hoop dee doo is great fun for everyone. I don’t think I’ve seen my teenage boys laugh so much while having dinner there!:laugh:

Park Fare (breakfast) had great character interaction while we were there. The Mad Hatter was great, as was Mary Poppins and Alice.

Ohana dinner can be fun especially for the smaller children (and my husband):laugh: Breakfast with Lilo & Stitch is always a good time at Ohana too. Stitch is always up for mischief at our table for some reason.:rolleyes:

Biergarten in Germany (Epcot) is a great place for family dining too. The show is great and the kids love the food too. Its a fun place to meet new people and enjoy a nice cold beer.

Whispering Canyon is loud and can be fun if your in the mood.


Whispering Canyon is loud [/QUOTE]



I was just trying to get in my daily allowance of oxymorons!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Coral Reef at EPCOT has good food and you are surrounded by a huge fish tank!

I love Sci-Fi for the atmosphere. Yes the food is not the greatest (DO NOT GET PIZZA) but the shakes are awesome and you sit in a car while you watch old b-movie clips. You feel like you are at a drive-in!

You can never go wrong with Chef Mickey’s

Hope this helps!



What about that T-Rex place in DTD? I’ve never been there myself but I’ve heard that it’s like a dino themed Rainforest Cafe. It sounds like it could be fun!

I personally have the most fun at meals with characters (Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Fare, Cinderella’s Royal Table, etc.) but that’s because I’m a huge meet and greet fan!


To us, BIERGARTEN, 1900 Park Faire’s Mad Hatter is a blast, and we have had a blast at the Poly Luau.


Anywhere that serves BEER !!! ( I’m just throwing that out there…)


I did not care for the T-Rex restaurant, but I love Rainforest. I can’t explain it…


I’m with Dixie all the way! Sci-Fi is one of THE BEST atmosphere dining options in all of Walt Disney World. (Thats why we let them slide on the food quality… :blush:) The B rated sci-fi and horror movies and shorts, combined with the 50’s and 60’s drive in movie experience are RIGHT up my alley! haha.

50’s PTC is also an amazing experience! So delicious and interactive. And tons of fun things to look at.

I think at Chef Mickeys the character interaction is soo fun! I have butterflies in my tummy the whole time we are there wondering whose going to be visiting next! Although I don’t think the decor of the restaurant has reached its potential yet.

And I’m still waiting for the day they have a Peter Pan character dining… :peterpan:


I love Whispering Canyon! It is a lot of fun. Hoop Dee Doo is also a favorite for my family.


Sci -Fi is my fav for fun atmosphere.


Sci-Fi, it’s a tradition. Ditto on the food but atmosphere is great!


Another vote for Biergarten! I tried it reluctantly at the request of friends I was traveling with and wound up loving it! So much fun! ANd so much food!


Sci Fi is lots of fun…stick to cheeseburgers, french fries and a milkshake and your meal will be fine.


The Rainforest is a tourist trap in a tourist trap. Stinks, loud, hurried, humid, poor quality. Now do you want to know what I really think?