Best Garden View at the Poly


We’re staying at the Poly at the end of September in a Garden View room. According to the renovation schedule, all of the longhouses should be completely renovated by then.

Which longhouse has the best garden view???


I stayed in Nuie (sp?) It’s right smack in the middle of both pools and a half a minute walk to the great ceremonial house. I can’t imagine any view being bad at that resort. The place is gorgeous.


We stayed in Hawaii last October. Our room faced the second pool and a couple other buildings. Not much when you compare with the other side of the building, lagoon/beach view. We were briefly in a ground floor lagoon view, but I prefered to have a more private balcony.


I stayed in the Hawaii longhouse with a lagoon view, and Rarotonga and Fiji with garden views. While I like the location of Rarotonga, (right next to the GCH which is quite convenient), Fiji was actually a lagoon view room but you paid the garden view price (you had a side view of the lagoon). From what I read, all garden view rooms have a beautfiul garden view so go and enjoy. The resort is note too large, so getting around is easy.


I stayed in Tahiti in Sept. 2004 and the view was very nice.