Best guide book for WDW?


Hi, does anybody have any advice on what is the best guide book for WDW? I’ve been 4 times in the past, but the last time was 10 years ago, and I’m sure much has changed.


I think the two that would get the vote here are The Unofficial Guide to WDW and Passporter. The Birnbaum Official Guide to WDW is good, with color pictures, but is a tad biased. One book I used when my kids were little and I absolutely loved was Kim Wright Wiley’s “WDW with Kids”. It was excellent, but I think the Unofficial Guide tops them all.


You can’t go wrong with Passporter or the UnOfficial Guide.


Definitely the Unofficial Guide!!


I used Unofficial for my last trip, and it was pretty good. It had a TON of information, so much that it actually makes it hard to find info soetimes. I think that next trip I will go with Passporter, because it has sooooo many valuable tools. It allows you to plan everything from your plane flights to your budget to your schedule right in the book. It even has some wonderful colorful maps.


I use the Passporter for planning, budgeting and as an organizer. I use the Unofficial Guide for brutally honest reviews on everything that is in the world. Both books are excellent planning books. I use the official to get me pumped about the trip. It’s a quick read and is filled with many pretty pictures that I use later to make countdowns…lol My DD gets a copy of the official for kids for every trip. She loves it.


I’m a PassPorter fan myself!


Thanks everybody! I probably went overboard - I purchased both “The Unofficial Guide” and “Passporters” since they each had so much support. This way I can read and plan to my heart’s content for the next 6 weeks! :biggrin:


rob and i used birnbaum last june and it came in very handy. but, why spend the money on books when you can just come to DC? you can get all the info you want on WDW for free!


I have read all three, Unofficial Guide to WDW, Birnbaum and Passporter for this year’s trip, since it was our DS’ first time going. I wanted him to have the experience of a lifetime, which he did:) All have somewhat the same info, but they each have their own little tips or inside info that one of the others didn’t have. Was fun reading all three as we counted down the days too.

Also found the web to be a great resource of info. is great for reviews, info and sends weekly newsletters “free”. Also found a wealth of info right here at Disneycentral!!

Have fun planning:)


Did anyone say passporter yet! lol I recommend that one to everyone that comes in my bookstore…soo much that it has been sold out. Now that vacation season is coming to an end we have way too many though! lol


th unofficial guide gets my vote DEFFO!!! :smile:


Is it bad that I bought them all?! :confused: I just couldn’t get enough! But, like everyone else, I found the Unofficial Guide and Passporter to be the best. They are the two I will be bringing with me on the trip. I also found a new trivia book from The Intrepid Traveler, which is excellent for those wanting inane facts to annoy their companions with :wink:


I LOVE annoying my companion! :whistling :biggrin:


I bought the Official and then I found the Fodor’s Walt Disney Wold with Kids 2004. I love it. The author is a female who has been then several times with kids. The book has lots of tips that I have never knew or thought of. You guys are terrific, but I could have been on line for 2 months continuously, to get some of the information in this book. We have a 21 month old and we haven’t been in Disney for 20 - 25 years. This really helped, and ofcourse, you guys to fill in the gaps.


I just bought the unofficial guide for 2005…I have the passporter and love it, but I thought I’d see what this had to offer!


I have “The Everything Travel Guide to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and Greater Orlando” by Jason Rich which I like. I also have the 2003 Unofficial Guide from last trip, which I love’d. We’re going this December. Do I need to buy the 2004 or can I still get by with the last edition?


I too purchased all three…and was on every website I could find. You can never get enough…even after your trip:)


You got it! Awesome! You like it or what? You have to read all the little trivia things near the back of the book by the descriptions of the attractions…it’s called the Inside scoop or something like that. You will see little boxes with a little dude in it…very cool stuff. I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Princess Jazzy - The 2005 version of the Unofficial is excellent, but if you have been there before and know the ropes, you’ll be fine with that. Please note that the 2003 doens’t include the latest and greatest finds and not finds in the world,so come of the information may be off. You should just grab the 2005…nothing like a brand new guide book to help curb your anticiaption.


I usually use more than one book, too. I like the Passporter & Unofficial Guide for the planning. But we also use the Birnbaum book to get us excited (as if we really NEED help doing that!) The Birnbaum book was the first one we ever used, many trips ago - I know it’s biased, but it does have things organized nicely. besides, WE’RE already biased, anway.