Best Kim Possible counties?


I am wondering which of the countries have the best Kim Possible adventure. We have done the China one, which we really enjoyed and the Norway, which I didn’t like as much. Which are the best to do that are interesting for the kids?


Nate has done each mission several times and said Japan has the most special effects. He also likes Mexico. I like Mexico because it’s inside and a good way to cool off on a hot day. Can you say tequila bar?


We enjoy Japan the most! We’re not kids … but we like to pretend we are when we’re at the parks!


We loved Japan and also enjoyed Germany very much.


The kids love doing the Kim Possible thing. They seemed to like Japan, Germany, Mexico and France the most.


Aww heck, I like them all. Too hard to pick just one :happy:.


DS liked UK the best. Great special effects.


Japan and France are my favorites!


We enjoyed Germany, and France. Looks like we need to do Japan next visit.


We did Japan this summer. The finale brought the whole store to silence. LOL. WE loved it.


We did Japan, Norway, and Italy. The kids enjoyed them all, but I agree that Japan had the best effects.


GREAT thread! We’ve only done China and Mexico so it looks like Japan is our next goal! My DD and DS loved getting the clue in the fortune cookie in China!


Well Japan will be our next adventure. Can’t wait.


Japan was our first and I think we liked it the best so far, but watch out if there are lots of other people also working on their missions. We were basically standing in line to finish it, so we saw the ending several times. Kinda took something out of it.
We’ve enjoyed all of them though and it’s a fun way to see things that you would overlook otherwise.