Best of crowded times to visit WDW?


Hello MBers! I am a teacher so I can only go to WDW during busy times. We want to take our granddaughter, who will be 2 in Feb. My choices for visiting in 2010 are June, July, Oct. 4-11, Nov. 19-26 or Dec. 15-22. Please share your wisdom on my best choice! Thanks!!


Welcome to here Fairygranmama! Boss mouse rule #1 - you can not take off points for spelling. That being said:
We have been to WDW in June - it was stinky, yucky hot and humid.

We went last year in the same December week as you post. it was Awesome! One of our best trips. Great weather, the decorations are incredible … I can go on and on.


I teach and if I actually had that time off in December I would be thrilled. I usually don’t get out until the 23rd and going after Christmas is out of the question as the flights are ridiculous.
Your other vacation times seem to fall at better times. Ours are all during prime weeks.


Your October dates would be nice…crowds are on the lower side, and the weather will be pleasant. I would avoid summer, unless you really like hot, humid mornings, rainy afternoons, and crowds like you’ve never experienced.
But, like Boss said, there’s nothing quite like Disney at Christmas…the magic is extra special!


October 4-11 is probably lowest crowds. November 19-26 and December 15-22 can be a little problematic, but you have to make your own decision. Thanksgiving is the 25th, so the crowds will swell on the 24th, but the 19th through the 23rd should be fine. December should be comfortable with the crowds starting to kick in on the 21st or 22nd in advance of Christmas Eve.
If you can avoid Florida in the summer months, you’ll be happier because you’ll be dealing with temps in the mid 90’s, high humidity, and a good deal of rain.


Welcome to MouseBuzz. I too like your Dec. choice. It’s so magical at that time. Oct. can be fun also. They’ll have all the Halloween decorations up and the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is so much fun. Hope we’ve been of some help. :happy:


I would go OCT or DEC!! Best decorations, not TOO hot!


Thanks everyone for the advice! We will try to plan for Oct. or December. It will be our grandaughter’s first visit. :wub: I can’t wait!!!


Welcome to MB, if it were me I’d do either the Oct, Nov, or Dec. option. WDW is so cool around Halloween, the Food & Wine Festival, and definately Christmas time. I am a teacher too & I am very curious to know how you have so many days off in Oct. or even out of school that early in December?!?!

Summer, in my opinion, is just miserable. I hate the high heat/humidity & afternoon thunder & rain storms.


Hello fellow teachers - Wishuponastar & Dancing4Disney,
My district gives us 2+ weeks for Christmas/ New Year and we have a week in the spring and fall - we used to get 2 weeks for each until last year : ( I also have 3 personal days (each year) that I am adding on to the dates. I believe that is pretty much the normal schedule for districts in KY. I’m sorry to hear that is not the case in your districts.


We went in mid September 08 , it was packed for some reason. It stayed about 91 degrees (and very humid) for the week. All those shops at MK that I usally don’t visit … I visited (camped out under the air vents).
We did have fun even with the large crowds. Especially Typhoon Lagoon!!!


Hello, another teacher here. Like everyone else Oct. and Dec. would be your best options. Personally I prefer October over December. MNSSH is great. The transformation at DW is awesome. The fog, music, and costumes are top notch. I also think the crowds are lower in Oct. Chances are good that I just might be there either of those times!


Thanks everyone! I believe all are in agreement that we should avoid the summer! Buzz - I may see you in 2010! Your district must have about the same schedule as mine.
Wall - love your ring! I live only 45 minutes from you.


FairyGranmama, firstly a huge welcome to MB!

I can only concur with the majority here and say I would go for either the October or Dec dates you mentioned. Prob the Oct one if I had to make the full decision. At least then you get to see the Halloween decs ( and they are awesome at the MK! )
I have never been to WDW during the month of Dec so I can’t personally comment on the crowd levels but I have been there in Sept/oct before and I can say that crowd levels are ok, weather nice too.



October - hands down! We are at WDW right now and it’s so crowded you want to scream!!! In fact, I think I did once or twice…:blink:

No special events are worth low crowds. October will be nice weather-wise too.


Out of those dates, I would definitely do Oct. or Dec. We our going with my sister and her family who live in KY on those same dates in Oct. because my nieces have off school then. The Halloween and Christmas decorations cannot be beat, so you cannot lose with either one of those times. The summertime is just to hot and sticky for me.


Wall - love your ring! I live only 45 minutes from you.[/QUOTE]

ALRIGHT … More local MB’rs, we need to build up the KY group.
Thank you for the compliment on the ring, It’s not been taken off yet!!!:laugh: