Best of the Best


My cousin is planning a trip to WDW with her husband this September. They haven’t been to WDW since childhood. I am looking for the best of the best upscale restaurants at Disney for her and her hubby. I have a short list, but what are your recommendations?



Artist’s Point

Flying Fish

and of course the best of the best is Victoria and Albert


Narcooses our favorite



Artist’s Point

Flying Fish

and of course the best of the best is Victoria and Albert[/QUOTE]

Theses are all good choices. California Grill is worth it for the view, as an alternative, and I like Citrico’s.


Flying Fish


I am not into fine dining, but the most requests I get are for the following:



We ate at Fulton’s last September, horrible experience. The food was cold, they brought us the wrong order, and the service was really slow. It wasn’t worth the two credits. I was very disappointed because we always had such a nice meal there in prior years, before they were on the DDP. It could be they were just having a bad night, but I’ll think twice before going back.


We tried Narcoosees’s 2 years ago and did not really enjoy the meal. Service was friendly but slow, food was over priced and cold. They have a dress code which they remind you about and when we arrived the first person we seen had a tank top,shoes that did not fit and shorts with a extra long belt. Flying Fish was was OK and will go back again. Shulas is also good. Ohana is OK and I would try Cali. Grille.


Victoria & Albert’s



Artist Point is our favorite

The best food that I ever had at one of the theme parks was the Brown Derby


citricos is our favorite…Victoria and alberts is 5 star but too stuffy for me,for fun is raglan road …chef’s is very good but the list goes on but fine dining citricos has never disappointed


True, Raglan Road’s food is very good and the atmosphere is very fun.


Victoria & Albert’s is the best of the best but you pay big bucks for it too!

For fine dining I love: Artist Point and Flying Fish.

If you are looking for the best of the best that is not considered “Signature Dining” I would recommend:

The Wave at Contemporary

Epcot: Le Cellier, Via Napoli and Coral Reef (They have great food with a beautiful ambiance BUT the portions are small!)

HS: Brown Derby (I personally think Sci Fi is a must do, at least once, for the ambiance BUT stick with burgers and onion rings all other food here is a hit or miss!)

AKL: Boma (I have never been to Jiko and Sanaa but I have heard nothing but wonderful things)

And for the BEST overall food on property: KONA at POLY! Best for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The quality is amazing as well as the selection. I’m not saying that you can’t get a better meal on property, I am saying for location, quality, price, and selection KONA is the way to go!



I am a big fan of Citricos and California Grill. The Flying Fish was good but felt a bit less elegant to me.


Thanks for all the helpful advice! I will let you know what they end up choosing!