Best Order to Visit the Parks


If planning to visit all four parks, plus the two water parks, in your opinions which is the best order to vist, with children?


We always go to MK first…just to get that ‘ah, we are here’ feeling. Other than that it just depends on park times & what time we want to get up-early emh-or what time we want to stay out till-late emh.


we always end our trip at the MK, with wishes, and then the kiss goodnight (or goodbye). we dont have a particular order that we follow. we just dont end up at one of the parks that has early EMH scheduled that day, we plan to avoid the crowds.


We have to do MK on our arrival and departure night. God help me if my DW does not see wishes day one and as a finish. Then we plan the rest of the week around EMH.


Do you plan to GO to the emh parks or avoid them?? I’m still havin a tough time deciding & we go in 3 weeks


you could always take advantage of the EMH, until it gets crowded and then leave and go to another park.:wink:


I’m all for avoiding when the are morning Emh by the sounds of things it gets busy


How long are you staying? We usually spend a week in Disney so each day we spend the entire day in one park. Then on our last day, we use our park hoppers to go to each parks to go to the things we missed or our favorite rides again. We also have “lazy days” were we stay out of the parks and go to DTD or the waterparks. You should consider mini golf. The Winter Summer Golf Course is sooo much fun! There’s two courses with two different themes.

Go to MK first, for Cinderella’s Castle. That’s a must. :happy: Then HS and AK. Then Epcot for last (children usually aren’t fond of Epcot.)


12 or 14 days haven’t made the final decision yet but it won’t be less then 12


Oh wow, you have plenty of days to relax. That’s a good thing, you can take your time in the parks.:happy:


We have to go to MK first. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t


I agree with everyone, MK should be first so the kids can not only enjoy riding just about everything in the park but see the castle and enjoy the fireworks. Depending on what your kids enjoy I would suggest visiting AK so the kids can enjoy the animals and rides, then Disney Studios and finally Epcot.


We usually hit EC for TT, followed by Illuminations, on arrival day.

We use EMH in the mornings for all parks, because you can get in so many rides before the parks get crowded. Even on the crowded EMH mornings, you can usually get in a dozen rides before you start seeing lines.


We use EMH in the mornings for all parks, because you can get in so many rides before the parks get crowded. Even on the crowded EMH mornings, you can usually get in a dozen rides before you start seeing lines.[/QUOTE]

I agree, I don’t understand why everyone is so afraid of morning EMH. They are the only way to go in my opinion. Then again, I rarely stay at the parks past 1pm.


This is not my opinion, but I did read somewhere awhile back that MK should be your last park if you have kids. If not, they will be begging to go back because it is most kid orientated.


I use - Plans which save you time and effort and look at their crowd calendar. Before we go down, I have a chart as to which day I am doing what park. I like to go down w/ a plan of attack. So far it has worked for us. :smiley:


Great to hear we aren’t the only Canadians trying to escape the snow this year!
I too vote for skipping the parks with the EMH day. We have small kids and we always find the parks without the EMH much less busy and the line ups are much shorter and the parks are much more manageable.
We always try to do MK first, that really kicks off the trip for us, but I suggest checking the schedule and booking around EMH days.
We too don’t visit for less than 12 days, this year is 15 days, our longest yet! You will have plenty of time to see it all, and I suggest possibly hitting MK and possibly HS two days to take it all in. AK is easily a one day park, and Epcot we like to do over a few afternoon/evenings and take advantage of a bunch of the great restaurants. I also suggest hitting the water parks on “off park” days in between to break up the trip and make it more relaxing. Okay, I’ve got to stop now, I’m starting to plan your whole trip!!:laugh:

Have fun!!


Magic Kingdom first. That is what Disney is all about.:heart: If you are going to do all 6 go with another park second (Disney Studios), then go to water park. Both are very good but Blizzard beach has more walking I believe. Visit the next two parks then the other water park last. This will break up your trip. Enjoy:pirate::heart:


With kids it would be, MK, AK, TL, DS, EPCOT BB, finish with going back to MK. Without kids, EPCOT first day, MK,TL, AK, DS, BB, EPCOT,MK.


It depends which day you arrive to WDW…I can answer better if you provide that info…also how many days will you be there, what time in the day are you arriving and which resort are you staying at? there is more method to the madness than simply which park to visit first.