Best Parade


Which park has the cannot miss parade?


spectromagic is awesome!

animal kingdom was neat but soooo hot, and tough to stand in the heat that day, sweating, so it made me not enjoy myself so much that i’d be bummed if i missed it again - spectro, on the other hand, makes me sad if i miss it (as we did last trip!)! the other parade at MK (name escapes me at the moment, ugh) was good, i’m ok missing it if i have to.

MGM is cute, different characters, and their cars are cute, but it’s changing soon, right? if so, it’d be “do not miss” as it will be new!

the parade during mickeys not so scary halloween party was my favorite though, i have heard the pirate and princess party parade is great too, if you are going to that party!


We love Spectromagic! It is so beautiful.
Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade is great, too - Alot of fun!


Spectro Magic is the best parade in all of WDW hands down.


Definitely Spectromagic.


Another vote for Spectromagic.


Spectromagic is our favorite as well.


Do Not Miss Spectromagic!!!


Okey dokey, I have to say we do not like Spectromagic. I loved the MGM parade best, but I do believe that is changing this year.

After that parade, then its Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at the AK.


I’ll vote for spectro also.


Yes we love Spectromagic.


I have to vote for Specto also… but I have not seen AK parade to even compare. We never stay long enough to see it.


spectro magic we missed it last trip as we had ADRS at Narcooses.
the halloween parade was amazing. what we could see of it . we didnt get there in time to get a good spot.


I love all of the parades, they are one of my favorite parts of Disney. The PPP one is awesome and my favorite because Tink is in it!!


Spectromagic for the lights!
Jammin’ Jungle Parade for the characters!


Spectromagic is the most spectacular but for us it is the Jammin’ Jungle Parade. It isn’t as crowded as the rest and the characters seem more accessible.


I agree wholeheartly, however I would say that if you were happy to stay up late then you are best waiting to see Spectromagic on it’s 2nd time out of an evening. I am not sure if they do two parades everynight but certainly when I was there last time on a few occasions they did one Parade before the fireworks then one a while after the Fireworks. Most people tend to watch the 1st parade then go home after the FW. The park is a LOT quieter for the 2nd parade.

I always liked Tapestry of Nations in Epcot when that used to be there, shame it has now gone…


I need to say the “Boo Too You Parade” MNSSHP if that doesn’t count, then Spectro.


Spectomagic!! I am easily swayed by glittery lights and music and giant bugs that spin in circles :laugh:


I would love to see a parade return to EPCOT. I never saw Tapestry of Nations, but something along the lines of showcasing the different nations would be great.