Best photo op!?!?!?


OK, looking through the pics from our last trip, going through major withdraw, but anyhow, was wondering, where, in your opinion, is the best place to take a picture at WDW? Any park, any time of day!!
We had taken a picture at MK, between Crystal Palace & Casey’s hot dogs, near the grassy area, with the castle behind us in our costumes from MNSSHP that looks great!!!
So, where’s yours…?


Main Street U.S.A., with the shops on either side and the castle in the background! That’s my favorite! My second favorite is in front of the “Partners” statue!! :happy:


I take my DD’s picture in front of the muppets fountain every year…started when she was just three…awww :wub:


For us, it is sitting on the steps of the shops at Germany, with all the red flowers in teh background! Those pics always turn out framable!


<sigh> try as i might, it seems the photo pass photographers take the best pics.


My best has to be the one taken last oct at the mnsshp where tha photopass lady had my pose all glamourous infront of the partners statue/castle in the bg. I love tha picture.


Well… can we see it?.. pretty pleaaaaaaaaase!!!


My favorite picture is (was :crying:) of me and my best friend at the Polynesian, in front of the sign for our building, “Samoa.” The coloring of the foliage and the building, and the sunlight coming in at that time of the afternoon…it’s just BEAUTIFUL! Makes for a gorgeous backdrop!

As always, I have to harp…keep your negatives separate from your pictures so that if you ever lose one or the other, you have something left! :crying: :crying: :crying: I have no WDW pictures left, even though I’ve been there 3 wonderful times!!!


We try and get in the same spots that any of the photopass photographers use.