Best Pirates of the Caribbean exterior (WDW, Disneyland/Tokyo, or Paris)


Which Pirates of the Caribbean entrance building do you think is the best?:


Disneyland in California (also used at Tokyo Disneyland)


WDW’s Magic Kingdom


or Disneyland Paris


DL Paris looks pretty cool from the outside.


I agree with Wall, Paris looks very cool!:pirate:


Paris looks really cool, but I have to say Disney World. (otherwise I feel like Im cheating on it):laugh:


disneyland Paris first.
disneyworld second.

DLP is fantastic and there is more around the theme of pirates

you can go inside the skull the kids love it:heart:


Alright, the pics around DLP are CRAZY! Memo to WDW… Try to bring this to the Kingdom!!! Skull Island is awesome looking.


I think DLP looks amazing too!


this is not how ours looks it is very diffrent


What a great poll! Sadly, I’ve never been to DLP so I can’t vote for that one. WDW has the best exterior IMHO, but DL has the better interior so I call it a tie!


The exterior to Pirates at DLP looks amazing but I felt weird voting for it because I’ve never been there to experience it in person. I voted for Disneyland, Ca. because I love that you can see the boats coming around the bend right before you enter the building, and I like that there was a gallery (now suite) above the building, etc. It’s really pretty & detailed.


I have only been to WDW, but that Paris exterior is kicking!


WDW seems more authentic to the Caribbean.
Paris is AWESOME! But it looks very European/medieval. Not very pirate-ish to me.


Granted I’ve never been to DLP or DL, But the look makes it more appealing. Not to say that I don’t love WDW. I like the look of DLP POTC. ARRGH:pirate:


paris by far!!! i would LOVE to go there someday


I know we are talking about the exterior and I have not been to paris yet but as far as the ride is concerned …between dlr and WDW …no comaprison,DLR and it is not even close…


DLP looks amazing but my heart :heart: belongs to WDW.:wub:


I am talking about the ride not the exterior