Best Pizza in Orlando?


Anyone have any suggestions?


We like the pizza that they serve at the Boardwalk its delish!


I cant speak for all of Orlando, but from my experience, WDW does not do pizza well. That is probably one of the few things they don’t do well that is…


B… come on now! You should absolutely know this question has no satisfying answer. :laugh: You have instant access to places like Lombardi’s & you think ANYTHING in Orlando is gonna even come close… pshhht, please!. :pinch: Take a pie with 'ya!


I could not agree with you more. I LOVe pizza…it’s my biggest vice and even I don’t think the pizza in WDW is up to snuff. I do get it at least once a trip, but still think that I could go to the jersey shore and grab a better slice…matter-of-fact, I have no problem driving the hour and a half to do just that.:laugh:


I agree! WDW needs a Pizza intervention fo’ sho!!!


They need to get a real Jersey/philly Italian that works on the boardwalk to cook it for them…that my friends is real pizza. It may also have something to do with the salty sea air in the background, but that is the best pizza on the face of the earth…I wanna drive and get some now.:laugh:


Not going to happen . . . As a former Jersey Girl, I agree with the other Jersey Girls :happy: . . . you will never find any really good pizza in FL! And WDW . . . :blow: . . . no good!

Someone told me it has to do with the water, so they can’t make a good crust and it’s why the sauce is runny . . . I’ve lived here (FL) for 3 years now and I’m still looking for a good pizza and bagel?

So if anyone finds one . . . let me know! :laugh: :laugh:


My family loves pizza and the closest thing we can find to something that we like is at Tony’s Town Square. It’s their flatbreads; on our last trip my brother asked them to make one with just sauce and cheese and it came out really good (especially if you like thin crust pizza). We have now made this our “official” pizza stop on our trips.


I happen to think Giordanos is really great.

I haven’t been to Jersey, though.

WDW pizza IS gross. But, as far as ORLANDO pizza goes - I think this place has super awesome pizza, Bali.

Giordano’s, Chicagos World Famous Stuffed Pizza


Mac and Manco’s on the boardwalk in NJ. The oil and salt air cant be beat.


Something did just pop into my head… at SSR, in the ‘quick service’ food area they make brick oven flatbread pizzas. They were actually really good. They have cheese, pepperoni, bar-b-que, a veggie one I think, etc. Not traditional pizza but they were really good.


Ed who used to live in Floriday says that there is no good pizza in Florida- he says that the water makes lousy crust and so it all tastes bad to us New England’rs


I have heard that before too.


pizzaaaa Planet! :]


Erin hit it right. Girodano’s is the best pizza you can get anywhere!

3.1 miles west of the Maingate Entrance. Sits on the south (left) side of the road in the parking lot of a strip mall.

7866 W. IRLO BRONSON HWY. Kissimmee, FL


This is the third time we’ve agreed and haven’t even had one disagreement. We haven’t even teased each other.

We are so losing our touch.


:laugh: You’re so right! Charles and I were the crazies sitting outside of Lombardi’s waiting for it to open last Sunday morning!!! :eek:


Awwwww!!! :wub:

Thanks for the suggestion, Erin, and the corroboration, Cavey!!


Wolfgang Pucks Express has some delicious specialty pizza’s, We always hit it for lunch sometime during a visit.