Best place in the world for Breakfast


We are looking for some were to have breakfast (two adults, we don’t mind characters) We have only ever done crystal palace in the past.

So were is the best place in the world to have breakfast?? (and why)


I love the following places for breakfast at WDW:

Crystal Palace
Sunshine Seasons in the Land
Whispering Canyon
The mara at the AKL has a great selection
POFQ!~~ they have beignets…OMG tasty!
ABC at Hollywood studios


Boma is my new favorite – so good!! We also really liked Whispering Canyon and Ohana (great view and characters).


We enjoyed Ohana and the juice and buns were awesome.


We’re not big breakfast people but we absolutley do Boma every year.


Boma is great. O’Hana’s is wonderful and has characters (Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto).

And, if you can get in, Chef Mickey’s is terrific!!


POR has fresh-baked cinnamon rolls that are amazing!


Chef Mickeys. O’Hana and Boma- all brilliant Jimbo- you’d love em!!


Our favorite breakfast places are Crystal Palace, Ohana, the breakfast safari (it used to be at Restarantasaurus) at AK. We really enjoyed Mara at AKL for a quick service breakfast. That was by far the best counter service breakfast we have had on any of our trips.


We love Kona Cafe. The food is delicious and it’s such a nice, relaxed feeling. The servers seem like they’ve been there forever - they really treat you like family. The best breakfast buffet IMHO is 1900 Park Fare Lane.


I just love the fact of having breakfast ADRs somewhere in the park before the gates offically opento the public. They check your ADR at the front gate and then let you inside. To be alone on Main Street with your family is worth getting up early-not to mention you can be the first in line for the rides and get fast passes for another.


we have only done two CP and Ohanas we really dont want to spend time in the morning… we usually grab something at the parks.


My favorite is most definitely Boma. I sometimes daydream about their bacon. Ha.

I have never personally been there, but my cousin and her family ate breakfast at Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness in April and raved about it for weeks afterwards.


We like Spoodles for breakfast. The food is always great, but it is honestly more of a tradition than anything else.


We like Kona Cafe but our favorite is 1900 Park Faire at the Grand Floridian.


Boma is the best breakfast in the world! The food is so GOOD!!!


WOW so many different options.

I have decided on 1900 Park Fare - But also like the sound of O’Hana & Kona. I don’t fancy BOMA as we have had a few bad dinners there. we also love Cristal Palace.

Tell me more about beignets- We are staying at POFQ in September I have read stuff before about the fantastic beignets but I have no Idea what they are


Oh they are sinful. They are a fried dough, covered in powdered sugar. YUMMY!!

As far our favorites for breakfast, we like Ohana, the mickey waffles and the potatoes are delicious, as well as the yummy pineapple coconut bread. Kona is also a good choice, especially if you want a less frenetic atmosphere.



Tell me more about beignets- We are staying at POFQ in September I have read stuff before about the fantastic beignets but I have no Idea what they are[/QUOTE]

puffed, hollow, air filled, fried dough with powdered sugar on them. they were not bad, but they are not going to fill you up either…

i have had these many times in the real New Orleans French Quarter…but it was always after a long night and many alcoholic beverages (many years ago)…and they tasted fantastic then!!

BUT…they were not so tasty to me on this past trip in POFQ Resort…on the way out to MK at 8am in the morning…sober.:laugh:


So does that make them like funnel cake??? we had this at sea world!