Best place to eat for 25th anniversary


Hi everyone iM new here. just found this great site. question my DH and i are going to WDW in spetember for 25 anniversary. with no kids. first time we will be there without three kids. we would like to eat somewhere nice for our anniversary nite. we are not gourmet people so no victoria and alberts but any suggestions. what is the opinion on the castle. we have never been able to get there before. we are also considering Le Cellier
of course crystal palace for breakfast. we also thought about the poly for breakfast it has stitich im told. . i know they are character meals we still like them. we are going to do the hoop de doo, it is a tradition. we also plan on doing the dining plan. i know this is alot but im soo excited and it is six months away. thanks for your help


Welcome to DC faerie dust! Might I recommend the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort? That is a wonderful restaurant with spectacular views! You get a really great view of the castle at night, which is very romantic! My family and I ate there in 2003, and the food and service are really great! :wink: :cool:


is that the one where you can see the fireworks? we always wanted to try it but whe we took the kids they were not happy to leave the parks to eat. we went in june and our oldest was 23 and they still didnt want to leave the park. now we can eat anywhere we want. :wink:


We really like Le Cellier and Flying Fish for a nice meal.


Yes! You can see the fireworks perfectly! As a matter of fact, when we ate there they announced that the fireworks were to begin, and then they dimmed the lights! Some of us went outside to see and hear them too!
Plus, you can walk to the Contemporary Resort from the front entrance to WDW! There is a beautifully lit (romantic!!) brick path that leads right to the resort!


we are going to try Le Cellier where is flying fish


What a great tip. I never thought of there. I was going to suggest the Poly and or CRT but your suggestion is the one I would go for now. I am soooooo gonna be booking that one when I next travel!


Welcome & congrads. We did our 25th at Poly couple of years ago, with our kids but they are both grown and in college and did their own thing.

Check MK fireworks schedule. Dinner at O’Hanas in Poly, then to the store in Poly (Trader Jacks?) for bottle of wine don’t forget corkscrew! Beach at Poly with bottle in time for Wishes - snag a recliner.

Oh, eat light lunch that day!


Flying Fish is at the Boardwalk – I haven’t eaten there yet, but I’ve heard good things.


Welcome to DC and congratulations on your 25th! We celebrated ours in October.

I’d have to vote for LeCellier or San Angel Inn.

LeCellier because the food is the best. San Angel Inn because it’s the most romantic. The Bistro de Paris (the small restaurant in France) is also very romantic. The Brown Derby at MGM is a very grown up restaurant. Very quiet, beautiful booths. My dh enjoyed his steak there.

Personally, we didn’t enjoy California Grill at all. The noise level was unbelievable - and maybe the service has changed since we were there - but I have never dealt with such a pretentious bunch of servers. (and I’m a pretty classy chick :wink: ) The food just wasn’t that great. I’m not a fan of “Fusion” cooking anyway - but they just took it too far. Beet caviar??? For the money it cost us, we weren’t impressed.