Best place to eat outside DL


What is the Best place you have found to eat outside of disneyland??? Mine is a place not to far down the street called Tiffy’s. We’ve gone there every year for as long as i can remember. any more


where’s Tiffy’s?


ummmmm i just looked it up on yahoo maps and it says it’s on Katella. It’s yummy. Its kinda like a family restraunt and you can get almost anything. It has a cute little gift shop at the front and little brain teaser thingy at each table.


That’s good to know Pixie. What kind of food is it, is it like a diner? Does it have like a theme; when you said it had a gift shop & the little games at every table it made me think of Cracker Barrel, which is like a country themed restaurant but I doubt it’s like that, or is it?


my favorite place outside of disney it has to be the outback steak house i love that place.


If you go south on Harbor Blvd., about a 1/2 mile from the park, there’s a Buca Di Beppo in the parking lot of one of the hotels on the west side of Harbor Blvd. This is a franchise Italian restaurant that is an absolute blast. The food is really good and the portions are huge (each dish is served family style).

If you want to try this, try to reserve the kitchen table. It seats up to six adults and is actually located in the kitchen. You get to watch the food being prepared and the waiters and waitresses stop by the table on their way out to show you each dish and tell you what it is. The chef will occasionally bring samples of various dishes to the table for everyone to try (usually when it’s slow).

Their desserts are out of this world. My DD loves their tiramasu and my DW claims their chocolate cake is the best dessert ever.

The atmosphere is very laid back and loud! For a real treat, reserve the kitchen table for a birthday dinner.


There is a Mimi’s Cafe on Harbor, near the HoJo. Consistently good (chain restaurant) food. They have good breakfasts, too.


mmmm…I like their muffins! There is also a Joe’s Crab Shack on Harbor…across from the Hyatt…I think it’s in the Crowne Plaza parking lot area…along with Red Robin’s and Outback…


ummmmmm it has all kinds of food. It doesn’t really have a theme. I know it has dinner but i think it has all meals. My mom says it is a casual dining place. It has All kinds of food.


If you are not after extravagance, “Mimi’s” is highly recommended. The food and service are consistantly very good. We are a family of 4 with 2 teenage sons who visited Disneyland in March of '05. We stayed at the “Candy Cane” and visited “Mimi’s” on several occasions. Each visit was excellent. Also…the “Outback Steakhouse” was very good…much better than expected, actually. Their prime rib was among the best I have ever eaten…and very reasonably priced. Depending on the cuisine you want, a typical family on a Disneyland vacation can eat very well without spending a fortune. I would avoid “Capt. Kidd’s” though. That was our only real dining mistake…all in all the whole area is loaded with fine places to eat…have fun and enjoy your trip!


Wow. that’s not the first time I’ve heard that. I guess we’ll avoid that place.


Tiffy’s! I’ve had breakfast there a few times. Very casual, food like a diner but with more comfortable seats and a less fluorescent atmosphere. It’s a comfortable and convenient place for breakfast. It’s not entirely unlike a Cracker Barrel, but with a far less interesting store.


TIFFY’S is a REALLY NEAT PLACE. :wub: We ate there when we stayed at the Anabella. Nice little brain teasers to frustrate your pre-teen before dinner! :tongue:

Good service, sort of a Disneyland Main Street atmosphere, like Carnation Cafe, without the Disney. :dry:

I found, if you’re on a BUDGET and have little ones who aren’t fickle eaters, The HOMETOWN BUFFET is a chain of restaurants that is a cafeteria style priced comfortably.

The one I have gone to is on 1630 W Katella Ave, which means if you have a rental car you can take advantage of the establishment.

Being a cafeteria, everyone has a chance to eat pretty much what they see. EVERYONE has their kids, so you don’t have to worry about “annoying” those people without children… It ain’t the Napa Rose, but if you have children who are hungry and you don’t want to pay high prices for food, this is the place.


OMG hometown buffet!!! We have old country buffet up here and it is the same restraunt they just change the name in some places and it yummy!!! I love it.

I’m also gald others like tiffys!!!

Oh and my brother ate at captn. Kids and he loved it i guess it just depends on what you are used to.


Oh my, I just remembered somewhere I used to love to go, but you have to have a car. Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant! It shouldn’t take you long from DL to get there (15 minutes, maybe?). It is at Knotts Berry Farm in an area called The Marketplace, it’s a shopping dining area so there is no admission.

Now, I haven’t been in a long time, but it’s worth a mention here incase someone can chime in and say it’s still excellent, or to stay away. I used to chow on the chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and pie. Okay, now I have made myself want to check it out when I go down in August! Maybe on the way home we’ll stop for lunch…


Mmmm…It’s still yummy! Fried chicken, mashed taters, warm biscuits with butter and jam…mmm…I even like the rhubarb cherry thing they serve…Now I wanna jump in the car and go for lunch!


Oh my, if I leave now I can be there by 4’oclock, lol.

Thanks Pepperjack! I’m glad to know it’s still good!


For all you folks who fly in and out of LAX Proud Bird is a GREAT place to eat with Teens and Pre-Teens.

Something to do while waiting for the flight home…


I am really tempted to try Tiffy’s now! It sounds a lot like Millie’s!

Millie’s is our favorite place to eat outside of Disneyland…it’s on Harbor, right across the street from DL in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn. Their food is consistently good, the prices are reasonable, and they have the gift shop & brain teasers at the table just like you mentioned at Tiffy’s!

My personal favorite thing to order is the “Soup, Salad & Cornbread” with the Millie’s Famous Tortilla Soup. Everything (including the salad) is surprsingly delicious! And that’s the only kind of tortilla soup I can eat; it’s a chicken broth base instead of tomato base and I’m very sensitive to tomatoes. :blow: It’s a good way to get me to eat my veggies too! The soup is loaded with veggies & chicken, and topped with cheese and tortilla strips! :tongue: YUM!

And yes…for the millionth time…avoid Captain Kidd’s. :laugh:


We went in by accident, but the service was great, and the food wasn’t overly expensive…