Best place to have your Birthday meal


I’ll be in Disney with the DH and kids for my 29th Birthday this year. If you were there for your Birthday, where would you want to eat. What meal, time and where!!!


Do you want fun or romantic???


Fun!!! We like fun. The kids will be 12 and 10


Ok, we enjoy 1900 Park Fare. The step sisters are hysterical. There is also Whispering Canyon. Teppen Edo, in Japan, sounds fun too.

Of course, there is Chef Mickey’s, or oh, 50’s Prime Time with Mom making you mind your manners and eat your food. Never been there though.


[QUOTE=hiner;1060908]Ok, we enjoy 1900 Park Fare. The step sisters are hysterical. There is also Whispering Canyon. Teppen Edo, in Japan, sounds fun too.

Of course, there is Chef Mickey’s, or oh, 50’s Prime Time with Mom making you mind your manners and eat your food. Never been there though.[/QUOTE]

My first thought was Teppen Edo also. However 50’s Prime Time can make for a lot of laughs also. Happy Birthday.


I’ve always wanted to see the Stepsisters at Park Fare - I’m sure that would be a lot of fun. We love the Biergarten - it’s great for families. I guess any of the character meals would be fun. I know everyone (except me) loves Ohana - but that’s just because I’m not much of a meat-eater. It’s certainly a fun and family oriented place.


We had my birthday breakfast at Crystal Palace. We had a great time with an early entry into MK and fun with Tigger & Pooh. My birthday dinner was at Hoop dee doo!!! A day filled with fun!!!:goofybounce:

I highly recommend both places.:biggrin:


Hoop dee doo is always fun. They ask for birthdays and walk around and introduce those who are celebrating that day. We’ve gone a couple times for birthdays and it’s always fun.


I agree with Kim, 1900 is really fun for all!
Teppen Edo is also fun IF you have a good chef.
We went to both last year when we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, and a family reunion, and they didn’t do anything special at either place.


50s’ is a great choice! I always enjoy having a cousin as a server and other cousins in the room. This does depend on whether you get a fun server or not. If you do choose to do 50’s, when you check in request a table with a TV!

Biergarten is another fun one and they announce birthdays during the show (if you let your server know). If your family hits the dance floor for a little polka, I am sure there would be plenty of laughs for a birthday celebration!


Last year I had my birthday dinner at Whispering Canyon. The entire restaurant sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a lot of fun. One year for my sister’s birthday we ate at Coral Reef. At the time you could still get a diver to bring a banner down. She really enjoyed that. For my cousins’ 30th birthday this month we will be at Hoop Dee Doo. I made sure to let them know it is a 30th birthday.


I would wanna go to the Crystal Palace for breakfast, hit cosmic Ray’s for lunch (dunno why i just love that place) and California Grill for Dinner and Fireworks!!! Happy Brithday! and don’t forget to get your special pin!


Went to 1900 Park Fare in June and will not go back. The step sisters and mother were the only good things there. Cinderella was ok and Prince Charming was terrible. The food was bad. I would say Germany, Hoop De Doo, CP, or WC.


First make sure that you get a Birthday Button from your resort. My husband had one so as we would go through the parks people would just randomly wish him happy birthday. Also we went to Chrystal Palace for dinner one night and he had on his button but we didn’t tell the the server that it was his birthday. When we were seated the server ran over and put Mickey confetti on the table, brought him a card signed by Pooh, Tigger and gang and he also brought him a cup cake with a candle. I had to find the picture and post it here… so funny my DH blowing it out. You would have thought there were a million candles on the cupcake and not just one. :laugh:


At CP, they bring you a card with everyone’s signature. 1900 Park Fare brings you a placemat with everyone’s signature. Both bring you desserts, but they are buffets, so dessert would be included, anyway. If you want something “free” then book a non-buffet. Our server at both restaurants (CP and PF) offered to box up our cupcakes, though, so we could take them with us.


Boma also gives you a card with happy birthday signed by CMs in different African languages. You also receive a special dessert plate with 4 desserts that are not available on the buffet.


I would just book your very favorite place and not worry about the extras!


Funny! I got the same cupcake and card for my birthday breakfast too! It was so much fun, we had a big gang with us singing Happy Birthday!


[LEFT]How Awesome to spend your birthday at disney!! I was blessed to spend my birhtday last year at Disney and it was the best ever!! (Mind you I am a few years older!!)
But I started with breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and Co. I spent the whole day at MK and then had dinner at The Plaza. I had run out of money and the yasked if I wanted a dessert and I told them I could not afford it . they told me to hang around for a momnet. My son and I did as we were told and they CMs came back in fifteen minutes and they and the whole dining room sang Happy Birthday to me. Then I was presented with a light up birthday hat that looks like a cake and says “Its My Birthday” and mu son was also given a gift. It was the perfect day. I got to share the “Main Street Electric Parade” with my son which was the parade I had shared with my dad on my first trip tp WDW 25 years ago.
Magic pure magic!
When I got home I found out one of the guys in my church choir was actually in the parade and was one of the Cinderella Court dancers!![/LEFT] :laugh:


So many great options and most on the list of restraunts that the kids have listed as musts. I could careless about the free stuff, just want to have fun. I guess I let the kids help me narrow it down for me, lol