Best places for salmon


Friend asked about salmon. I always think of Artist Point first. I DO love their salmon. Just can’t think of any other on property restaurants that carry it all the time. Are their any??


Speaking as a salmon fanatic - Flying Fish!


Flying Fish is one of my favorites. I’ve noticed it on the menu occasionally, but can’t recall if it is always on the menu like the potato wrapped snapper.
I LOVE their steak!!! And peanut butter dessert drink… and sorbets.


Yes, Flying Fish has always had salmon on their menu. They change up the presentation now and then, I’ve noticed. At one time they were serving it with a “leek fondue” - don’t ask me what that’s all about. Now, it seems the fondue is gone, but the salmon remains.


We were at FF on April 8 and I do not think I saw salmon that night. The cedar plank salmon is Artist Point’s signature dish along with their buffalo entree. I’m drawing blank, but most of the places have a salmon most nights. Other than the cedar plank, none seems to really stand out right now.

Crystal Palace always has some sort of salmon at lunch and dinner. Previously, it had been an ancho chili spiced broiled filet. I think it was a basil something or other in April.

These days, I mostly like my salmon raw.


Not sure if they offer it all the time, but the last couple of meals we’ve had at Boma, they had salmon, and it was quite tasty!