Best Places To Eat


What are the best places in Disney World To Eat? We’re already eating in Epcot - Canada at the Le Cellier Steakhouse, The California Grill, The Rain Forest Cafe and the Coral Reef Restaurant but we’ve got one more place to choose. We were going to eat Chinese in Epcot-China but we’ve changed our minds. My mother was thinking about maybe eating at the Hard Rock Cafe in Down Town Disney but I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on where we should eat. Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions! :mickey:

  • Drea


Our family favorite at DTD is Wolf Gang Puck’s. It’s Delicious!!!


I would suggest you try one of the resort restaurants. It gives you a chance to see the resort and it is usually eay to get a reservation. Check out the menu’s on under dining. Have a great trip and I am sure wherever you choose wil be great!


According to a site I just looked at there are 139 restaurants in WDW. In 52 trips there I couldn’t say we ate at more than 30 different ones. That makes it kind of difficult to say which of all 139 I think are the best. I will say, however, that we couldn’t afford to go there 4 times a year if we ate in some of the best restaurants. We find the most reasonable priced places that have decent food. As an example: If we give up eating 1 meal at the ‘Wave’, in the Contemporary, we can spend 1 more night at Pop Century.


I’d DROP the RainForest in a heartbeat- yuch! We enjoyed Yak & Yeti very much with unusual atmosphere. Or O’hana is a super choice!


We love Chef Mickeys for the atmosphere and absolutely love Ohana for the food and atmosphere. Those are must dos for us every trip.


It depends on what you like. There are so many great choices. Personally, I would avoid Rain Forest, Hard Rock and Coral Reef. Ohanas’ at the Poly is very good, if you are looking for sea food, I would substitute Fulton’s’ Crab house for Coral Reef. California Grill (Contemporary) is very good, but $$. Cape May (Beach Club) has a decent buffet, 1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian) is also very good. Most of the restraints in EPCOT are also good. We enjoy Rose & Crown very much.


Of the pricier restaurants, we love California Grill, especially when the grandparents are with us and can take the kids to the parks while we enjoy a nice date night. I love Wolfgang Puck Express in DTD for my favorite CS (I actually might love it better than any of the regular sit downs too:blush:).


We like Kona at the Poly, and are trying Ohana’s this trip, at the Poly as well. We also like Narcoosee’s for fine food, at the Grand Floridian, and also like Teppan Edo at Epcot for another park restaurant.



Kona Cafe at the Polynesian.

Hands-down the best meal(s) I have ever eaten. It is my favorite restaurant in all of WDW!


Whispering Canyon at FWR, great service fun atmosphere… Although, I love Chef Mickey’s for the same reason AND chocolate covered oreo’s…


The Family and I enjoyed 1900 Park Fare … of course we a have a lil’ one and she loved the Character meal …
They do have an excellent buffet … Prime Rib , Prime Rib , and Did I mention that they have Prime Rib?:laugh: … All you can eat!


[QUOTE=WALL;978388]The Family and I enjoyed 1900 Park Fare … of course we a have a lil’ one and she loved the Character meal …
They do have an excellent buffet … Prime Rib , Prime Rib , and Did I mention that they have Prime Rib?:laugh: … All you can eat![/QUOTE]

I second that recommendation! 1900 Park Fare is great! The food was delicious and we got some of the best service I’ve ever had at a Disney restaurant. (A CM gladly went rooting around to find a diet non-cola drink for a member of our party, and was very helpful with special dietary concerns.)


Try 'Ohana, you won’t be disappointed.


There are so many choices, but there is no Hard Rock Cafe on Disney property. Maybe you are thinking of Planet Hollywood, which is in DtD. Maybe there is a Hard Rock at Universal? I’m not sure, perhaps one of our more Universal suavee members can tell ya.

Anyway, I think some of the BEST Disney restaurants are some resort restaurants; Olivia’s at Old Key West, Turf Club at Saratoga Springs Resort, Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge, & Kona Cafe at the Polynesian are some of our favorites.


It would be easyer if you asked for the worst places.


:laugh: That’s so true!


AND THEY HAVE PRIME RIB :happy: :laugh:


I know, right? That’s good enough for me! :laugh: :laugh:


Thats one of our favorites.