Best Pool


What does everyone consider the best resort pool? Any preferences? We are travelling with kids ranging from nearly 3 to 11.


Without a doubt, Stormalong Bay at the Yacht and Beach Club is the best pool at WDW. It’s almost a waterpark in itself. But all the pools at Disney are themed and fun. All the moderates and deluxe have waterslides.


Stormalong Bay is the best, but I also like the Boardwalk’s Pool which has a BIG slide (“the Keister Coaster”) and cute elephants that squirt water around the pool, I also love the AKL pool. It has a small slide, I like the natural entry, and they have a little playground right near the pool. It’s nice.


Only been to two resorts, but AKL pool is awsome!. Its big, has a slide, and the theme is wonderful.


The Dragon Slide at Port Orleans French Quarter is fun, and the Pyramid at Coronado Springs is nice too…there always seems to be room in the BIG pool at the All Star Music, but the rest of the pools at the All Stars always seem crowded. Animal Kingdom Lodge pool is pretty but every time we’ve used it there are big mosquitos lurking around!


Been there 3 times, and have never been bitten or seen a mosquito. Wondering if time of year has something to do with it.


Time of year probably does make a difference…and a few bug bites aren’t enough of a reason to skip it, either!


All of the pools are nice, but the best by far is stormalong bay at the Y&B.


We like the Hippy Dippy pool at PoP Century.


I would have to agree with those that said Stormalong Bay at Y&B Club. It looks awesome. We will be trying it when we are there this December.


Stormalong Bay is the best pool,but it is only available to Y&BC and BCV guests;no more pool hopping to this pool for DVC members.


For an unlimited budget, the best pool hands down is at Yacht and Beach Club.

Next step down, probably AKL.

Next step down, Port Orleans Riverside.

And for the smallest budget, all the Value Resort pools are pretty much on par with each other.



I think most people will think SAB right off the bat because of its size and amenities but I was not as impressed by it as I thought I would be. It was nice but the water was too warm. Many were making the same comment that the water was not refreshing but that could have been a temporary problem. It was also so spread out I would not want to have to keep track of a child at that pool. It did have some cool things about it but I have to say that I found the AKL and Polynesian pool more relaxing and the Polynesian pool is more of what I look for. The AKL pool was nice and large but it had two negatives. One was the slide was a joke (unless you are 5 and under) and the zero entry area was so small that it got filled up with people lounging in the shallow water and left little room for people to walk into the pool. The Polynesian and GF pools are what I like to use. They are right up against the beach with a large zero entry area and the water slide at the Polynesian is the best outside a water k. The SAB slide was so underwhelming to me that I decided once was enough. At the Polynesian I go down the slide multiple times. I guess part of it is preference but I know I am not alone in thinking that SAB is not the best. I have seen a posting on other boards where many felt the same way so here is one more opinion.


Deluxe - SAB
Mod - CSR


We have always loved Stormalong Bay for it’s size and layout. However, our last trip we stayed at the Poly and well there is something about hanging in the pool and looking across the lake at the Magic Kingdom. Another thing we really liked was the Poly seemed less crowded and more laid back. However, I sure would not object to a stay at the Y&BC again, lol.


Okay, I really have to 2nd the suggestions for the Poly pool. I would love to try Stormalong Bay someday, but the Poly pool is fantastic for its location alone! Being able to see the castle (and sometimes the Electrical Pageant if you’re in the water at the right time!) is an AWESOME thing. We were there during Night of Joy one September, and we could actually hear ZoeGirl, one of my favorite groups, performing! Too cool. :happy:

Tikiman also makes a good point about how difficult it is to keep track of your kids at SAB…the Poly pool is much more compact, and it has everything you could want - graduated entry so there’s plenty of shallow area for the smaller kids, a fun (kinda scary) waterslide for the more adventurous kids, and a nice little cove for the adults to sit in. :wub:


I’ve only stayed at the Contemporary but here is a pic of the pool area. They have a really cool slide and lots of shooting water spouts.


I would have to say Stormalong Bay at the Yacht and Beach Club. My 4 year old loved to play with the sand and my 11 year old loves the slide.


The best moderate resort pool is CSR.


Stormalong Bay at Yacht/Beach Clubs!!! Awesome pool!!!

If your kids like really good slides, they’d also love the Keister Coaster at Boardwalk!!!