Best Price For 4 Day Hopper Tickets?


Where is the best place to find these tickets. I can get them for 210 a piece and a total for 4 tickets to be $876, but wondered if there was a better price. Any help??


I always check with my local aaa to see what they offer, then compare it with a reputable online vendor.


Is this with or without taxes and are they free delivery or will you have to do “will call” at a Disney resort?


Total charges are $ 876 delivered to my doorstep.


Good deal, take it!


:cheshire: TAking the deal, buying the tickets now…


Check… there’s a business called Undercover Tourist that sells theme park tickets for much less than you can buy them at the park.


My thoughts exactly… great minds think alike!:laugh:


Everytime we purchased HT, AAA was alway the best price.



There is a AAA office in Kissimmee. They sell the 4 day hoppers for a Discount. Can’t remember the exact price. Call them they are great


Actually, I think the Hopper passes were 189 including Tax


Has anyone bought from undercover tourist before


Yes, several times. They are a reputable company.


Yes I have bought from them as well…in April…no problem with tickets and they came within a week or so. Prices were good. Free shipping also.


Yes. We always have pretty good deals here in the southern New England AAA.

They also seem to hold on to the older versions of the tickets and just sell them at the old price until they’re gone.